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How to ensure that you are destroying your data securely?

Lora Davis

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When it comes to changing hard disk when it comes to changing computers, it is important to ensure that the data is actually destroyed. Only once you are making sure that data is actually destroyed, you can be sure that nobody would be able to misuse it. These days, information about your company as well as about your financial transactions can be pretty important to others. Not only, it can be used against you but it can be used in order to advertise your multiple products as well. That is why, instead of just discarding the hard drive, you have to think about eliminating the hard drive was well. When you are eliminating the hard drive, you can be sure that the data would be properly destroyed. We would today share with you a few tips which would help you in destroying the data entirely.

1. Secure destruction:

Instead of just hiring a hard drive shredder and letting them do the job, you have to personally monitor the hard drive shredding. When you are able to personally monitor it, you can be sure that it would be in the destroyed as well. Moreover, before going for the hard drive destruction, it is a much better idea to change all the passwords to a temporary one. This ensures that even if they are able to get the data, it would actually not impact your email accounts or your social media accounts or any other accounts which you utilize.

2. Eliminating the guest identity:

Many times, people set up a guest identity on the hard disk in order to let the relatives, as well as friends, operate. However, the guest identity does not consist of any passwords. You have to remove the guest identity before destroying the hard drive. This would ensure that even if the hard drive is not destroyed properly, the data would not be accessible at all.

3. Overwriting the data:

Instead of directly giving away the hard drive for destruction, you have to overwrite the data before it. Before hiring the hard drive shredding service, when you’re overwriting the data, you can be sure that irrespective of whether the hard drive is destroyed or not, the data would be protected. It would not take a long period for you to format the hard disk or to format a particular drive. This would ensure that you are able to wipe out the data as well. After the hard disk is destroyed, you can be sure that even the data recovery professionals would not be able to retrieve your data which would help you in keeping your data entirely safe.

Thus, you have to look into overwriting the data as well.

The next time around, you are thinking of changing your hard disk and are thinking of hard drive shredding , it is important for you to look into these few points. Once you are able to do that, it would indeed become easier for you to safely destroy the data and shred hard drive so that nobody is able to access the data.


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