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5 Reasons Why One Should Not Opt For Non Certified Used Cars

Govind Goswami

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Buying a car is a dream harboured by many but with rise in prices of all commodities it is becoming difficult day-by-day to turn this dream into reality. If you are well off financially then you can always opt for a brand new car with new technology and modern gizmos but for those of you who are on a stringent budget it is better not to stretch your budget by leasing to get a high tech car. In such a case it is better to buy used cars while is still in top notch condition that drills a smaller hole in your pocket. You can make a choice in car depending upon your budget.

New cars are available from a starting price of about Rs 2 lakh and can go higher up to a few crore for the high end variants. If one desires to buy a higher end car at a lower price they should opt to buy second hand cars. The new cars may be costlier than the used cars but there are various reasons why one should consider a new car over a second hand car.

Here are a few reasons that give new cars have an upper hand over very old used cars:

  • Higher resale values- Just like the purchase price of new cars are greater than used cars similarly the resale value for them is also higher. The extent of usage always plays a role in valuation of car. Newer cars undoubtedly will have lesser wear and tear as compared to older cars and thus give you better returns when you sell them.
  • Better technology and features- If you are someone who loves to be updated and upgraded with newer technologies then new cars have to be your choice. Every year the car brands are launching newer car models with better gizmos. So used cars are lagging behind on the technology front.

    In order to attract buyers the auto car makers pack in more features in new cars every year. So if you are looking for better and more features opt for new cars. Everyone looks forward to have the best safety features in their car.

    With rise in technology the safety features are getting upgraded as well. So new cars equals safer drives.

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  • Lesser emissions and better fuel efficiency- Pollution and global warming are major concerns for most people these days.

    So everyone is looking for cars which has lesser emissions. The newer cars come with reduced fuel emissions. As the car ages the engine undergoes more wear and tear leading to reduced fuel efficiency.

    Newer cars have a better fuel efficiency and thus reduce the recurring cost of fuel

  • Easier financing- Although both used and new car purchase gets all financing options it is much easier to get car loans on new cars as compared to second hand ones.

Longer warranty period- More often than not used cars purchased by the customers have crossed the warranty period or have a very short period. With new cars that is not the case as they user gets to use the car with a longer warranty period.


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