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A Comprehensive Guide For Second Hand Van Buying

Shovon Joarder

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Having your own car is important, since it provides the opportunity for travelling long distances and overcome the lack of public transport. Not everyone can afford a brand new car, so they mostly go with used or second hand one. They keep an eye on second hand van for sale creating a great market for selling and buying second hand vans in the Philippines.

1. Do Your Research

When you start your search for a used van the obvious place to start looking is online. There is a great place to compare prices of similar models, so if you spot a second hand van being sold by a private seller you may want to use the knowledge that you have gained online to get the private seller to lower their price. Using online automotive classifieds is a great way of gauging a guide price so you don’t go over budget.

2. Bodywork of The Van

The most important thing to check on a van’s bodywork is rust. Rust is most obvious on wings, sills and below bumpers, but it can also be found under the wheels arches, around the door frame and at the corners of the windscreen.

3. Check with The Suspension and Test Drive the Used One

When you see a second hand van for sale ad and you to inspect the car, check suspension also. Pushing down on each corner of the van should give you some indication of the state of its shock absorbers. If the van bounces once and returns to its normal position, the shock absorbers should be fine. If you have any concerns about the suspension, a test drive will help you to confirm your findings. It is essential to test drive the vehicle before you buy to ensure that it has all the features you are looking for.

4. Check with Lights

Check with lights. The lights can hint at a van’s overall electrical health if they are dimming or flickering oddly. Always think twice about purchasing a van if its brake lights, headlights, fog lights, indicators and interior lights if they are not working properly.

5. Check Out the Seller

If you decide to go with a private seller you may want to do some checks to ensure that the second hand van you are looking to buy is legal to drive. You should try to get a landline number from the seller and call the number to check that it’s not from a public telephone box. It is good to meet the seller at their home address and check the registration.

6. What Was the Van’s Use Previously?

Always check with the history of the used vehicle you are purchasing. It can be difficult to check what exactly a van has previously been used for. If it was registered with a business beforehand it might be slightly to investigate. But, if you are buying from a private seller, it is important to ask what the van has been used for. Also keep that in mind when you buy a used van that has been pushed and worked hard with heavy loads, you could potentially be buying a van that has been under a lot of strain.

7. Carry Out Some Mechanical Checks

  1. Air-Conditioning

  2. Brakes

  3. Tires

  4. Engine

  5. Steering

  6. Interior

8. Always Carefully Check Out the Paperwork

If you are going with the second hand van for sale , make sure you have done your paperwork and lodge it properly. You should also ask to see a full-service history, with receipts for any work carried out.

Keep these points in your mind and buy a second hand car without getting worried.


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