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Key Tips for Yaskawa and Parker Servo Motors Repairs and Troubleshooting

Ethan Cox

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A few years back, people don’t get any information about servo repairs so they felt clueless when they required any sort of repair or replacement work. May be things have changed drastically. Today, with so many articles, blogs and forums available online, you can get good number of information about servo parts and servo repairs. So, next time you go out in search of yaskawa servo motors repairs in your vicinity, do some online research.

Nowadays, you have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to indramat servo repair and replacement of new servo parts. But always remember that servo motors are well worth repairing, even the old obsolete models.
So, before you go out in search for servo motor experts, just follow certain tips that would help you to detect flaws in the servo motor parts you use.

  1. Check the ground confrontation between the motor body and the motor terminals. This should be just about 100 ohms or above. Use a multi meter to analyze this.
  2. Find the winding resistance by linking between the terminals. This should be about 200 ohms. Larger motors could have a lower ohm value.

  3. Check the motor at the winding terminals slightly than the cable end because the wire in the cable could be corroded or broken.
  4. Cut off the conductors from the drive control end and Meg between cables and each cable to ground. The Megon meter uses much higher voltages (usually 500VDC or 1000VDC) to check resistance.

    Between the cables, it should give almost the equivalent value. It should be 1-3 ohms for medium rated motors, higher for smaller motors. Flanked by each connector and ground, the mugger assessment should be moderately high, about 1000 ohms or higher.

    Your company can give you more detailed values.

  5. Still not certain what’s going on? Go back to the motor and cut off the cable which isolates the motor. Recheck the terminals which will tell you whether the trouble is with the cable or with the motor.

Let us repeat:
Do NOT take your motor apart if you are not trained and experienced in parker servo motor repairs ; doing so may make repairs more complicated or unfeasible and the cost of the repairs higher.
The most excellent servo motor repair shops will offer a free, no-obligation assessments and quotes and a minimum of a one-year guarantee on both servo parts and labor. The repair shop should make available in detail initial back drive testing and decisive alignment confirmation before disassembly, testing of the stator windings at full voltage and current, and authenticate breakdown conditions under “real life” full load conditions. They should document test data including winding waveforms, response signals, quash generated voltage readings, shaft and encoder configuration data.


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