Are certified pre-owned Cars Worth It? A Market Research

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Buying a used car certainly has its risks involved. Purchasing pre owned cars in the earlier times was definitely more risky than now, for there was no telling the history of the vehicle, what the car had been through in terms of wear and tear. Earlier, the pre owned cars did not come with a warranty program, let alone a manufacturer's warranty. But now times have changed. Now is the era of manufacturer certified pre-owned vehicle and this is in full swing. In fact, some experts have to say that CPO is now almost a third legitimate automobile category.

Market Research

There are certain advantages of buying pre owned certified cars. Certified used cars have to undergo thorough and rigorous quality checking processes to make sure that nothing but the best is delivered. Subsequently, these cars have to meet higher standards of machinery and detailing. This means that you are spared the costs and efforts of repairing the used car and the fees for inspection. Major car dealers have a wide collection of used cars to choose from and they let you test drive as many cars as you wish. Buying from private seller can take more time and involve risks, since you are dealing with a total stranger. Certified used vehicles also come with easier options for financing. A dealer will help you to complete financial paper work right there and then, and will be motivated to get you instant approval for loans etc. Since the dealer takes all responsibility in finishing these documents, you will not need to run to the local motor vehicle office and wait in long queues to get the work done. Therefore the dealers make the process very seamless.

Difference Between Certified Pre Owned Cars and Used Cars

On the flip side, certified pre owned cars generally cost much more money than a typical used car. Much of that extra charge that you pay for a certified car is due to an included warranty program or service contract. Consumer reports have suggested that paying extra for a warranty coverage which is often called an extended warranty program, is one of the main selling points that the dealer also find lucrative in certain cases. It is on us to exercise caution because a used car may be advertised to be certified, but it may not actually have the support of an official certification program by the automaker. Some dealers certify cars by their own standards or sell third-party certifications. We need to be cautious of these differences and should ask for the official documentation so that we know what kind of warranty it is.

It is fine to buy a noncertified car by choosing a reliable model going by the approval of a reliable and knowledgeable mechanic. While opting for CPO cars, determining whether the car has been certified by the manufacturer, dealer, or third party is very important, which can only be known by reading the terms of the warranty that is being offered.


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