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Facts and Tips about tires from the largest Tire Manufacturers of the World

Chris Nguyen

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Here are some tips and facts about tires from the world best manufacturers:

Tyre Colores: Tyres in earlier times used to be orange or rust color due to the latex being used all the time. Though they used to wear down faster, that’s why black colored tires were made that are tougher, more durable and long lasting. Since then it has remain the same color. They have also stayed the same color because they match up all kinds of car color schemes. Black colored is also used because it does not show much dirt. While it is not that other colors or custom colors cannot be used but they are expensive to produce as per the dyes needed and cost much manufacturing cost as well.

Tyre Composition: Typical tyre now days are made up of different 30 components. Not to mention rubber is the consistency for each of them, in order to harden them, synthetic rubber, slew of chemicals and various oils are also being added. For the reinforcement purpose rayon, steel cords, polyester bands and other chemicals are also added.

Tyre Design: When it comes to designing of tyres, the main focus is laid upon the tyres tread. Tyre tread patterns are designed such that the tyre can easily disperse in water, give right grip to the vehicle on dry, wet, muddy or icy road. When designing the tread pattern, there are other considerations as well that must be kept in mind. Style, driving comfort, noise are heavy considered. No one loves tires that are jostling, deafening or bumpy.

Tyre History: The history of tires is long and diverse. Tyres in today’s time are more dependable, having larger life span and are vast better than they used to be in past. Though the improvements have been incremental yet they last twice as long as the time when they were evolved. The older vehicles were less powerful and incapable of turning sharply, neither attempted to turn at high speed nor much efficient like that of today. The biggest difference between vehicles of today and that time is that nowadays our vehicles perform at much higher degrees than they ever did.

Tyre R&D: The entire R&D process of tires creation take place anywhere from 6 months to 5 yeats. It usually depends on the type they have been created and the purpose they will be used for. When tires are being made by manufacturers, there are special requirements of each vehicle that needs to be met. It depends on performance, noise, lifespan, style etc.

Puncture Proof Tyres: The ability to create puncture proof tyres has evolved now. For such tires, no air is needed to be ridden on. However, the comfort level of such tires is drastically reduces to a low and the noise level of moving vehicle tends to increase. Thatswhy such tires are not used for general purpose vehicles even now.

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