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Choosing the Right Car Camera for Your Vehicle

Bruce Markey

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Now days’ roads are filled with incompetent and careless drivers. Every year over 4, 00,000 road accidents happen in Malaysia. This has made car owners very careful and they want to keep themselves secure. Installing a car camera can enable you to have all the information required to authenticate claims in the event of an accident.

Essential features in a good car camera

A good car camera should have a number of user friendly characteristics. It should be easy to mount and operate. Before buying one, make sure that it has following features:

1. Auto start and stop – This feature makes it very easy for you to record footage any time you drive. If your camera is equipped with this element then it will automatically start recording when you will start your car and will halt when you switch off the ignition.

2. Loop recording – Usually, once the memory of the camera reaches its full capacity, you need to manually delete the videos from memory card. This can be very time consuming. With the help of the loop feature, you can adjust the camera settings so that once the memory storage is full, the camera starts overwriting on the top of previous videos.

3. Recording capacity and good resolution – You should ascertain your requirements before buying a car camera. Knowing whether you need better quality video or longer recording capacity will help you decide the right camera for your car. These days’ cameras come with HD recording facility; however, any car camera with resolution of 1080p is sufficient to clearly record license plates and red lights in Malaysia.

4. Excellent Recording Angle – Usual car cameras offer 120 degrees of recording angle, but a few advanced ones have come up with 140 degrees of recording angle, which offers wide angle recording and covers more area while capturing video.

5. Time Stamp - This feature comes in very handy when the footage is being used as evidence in a court case. A date and time stamp can help identify the exact time and date of any incident.

6. Display Size – Do not spend more on car cameras that offer a large display. You will only need to use the display once while configuring it the first time. After that, you can transfer the videos to the computer to see them on a bigger screen.

Some other interesting features that can give your camera an edge over other car cameras in Malaysia are playback, incident detection sensitivity setting, low light recording, external mike input, battery backup, impact sensors and GPS facility.

With many people realizing the benefit of installing car camera in their vehicle, the Malaysian market is now flooded with a large array of dash cams. But with these tips at hand, you can choose the right camera for your car.

Top Car Camera offers an extensive range of vehicle recording devices, including car camera ( ), dash cam, DVR black boxes, reverse and rear view cameras in Malaysia and Indonesia. To know about the working of a dashboard camera for cars, visit .


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