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How to Buy an Exotic Car

Bruce Markey

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Read the subject title again. Notice that there’s a singular on the word ‘car’ and not a plural. You have to be either a crazy billionaire or a famous celebrity to buy exotic cars on a spree, one after the other! Because let’s face it, there’s a reason why exotic cars are called exotic or forbidden. First and foremost, they are produced in such less numbers and secondly, they are so pricey. Did you know? While you decide whether the car suits you or not, the car dealers decide whether you shut the car before making a deal? They are made with such love and precision and even you know it’s completely justifiable to let these cars choose their owners.

However, if you had a long unrealized dream to buy an exotic car for years and now you think you are ready to buy one, hide your excitement for five minutes and read our list of things that you need to consider before buying an exotic car.

1. Money

How about we introduce a new proverb in books which say ‘Money shall not be a barrier for one who seeks an exotic car’?! You know you would need a lot of money, a minimum of $100,000 to qualify yourself as an owner. So if you have that much of money on you, read the points that follow this. If you don’t, sorry to say this, but stop reading this article and start saving up!

2. Insurance

Purchase price is the not the only fiscal investment you need to make on your car. If you are planning to take your car on the road, auto insurance is a must. But beware; insurance companies hesitate to insure exotic cars considering their price. Even if they consider, the premium rates will be not that pleasing. So ask yourself one more time ‘Can you afford it?

3. Maintenance

For a car lover you should know that maintenance of exotic cars doesn’t end with just keeping them clean and shiny. The engine and the machinery used in these magnanimous beasts are fine tuned and definitely come with a ‘high maintenance’ disclaimer. The fuel required for these cars are generally premium or high-octane fuels, which are again, a lot pricey. In addition, these cars have to be serviced very often and even a mere oil change will cost you thousands of dollars. Repair charges are costly too, as your car will get the royal treatment, it deserves only from specialist mechanics and high-end garages who bill a fortune. But then again, repeat with us, ‘Money shall not be a barrier for one who seeks an exotic car’!

4. Test Drive

If you have come so far, we will assume you are definitely a big shot and stop with the money humor! We know you wouldn’t settle for mere photos online and lengthy descriptions on the car specifics. Anyhow, ask for a test drive and a get a feel of the car you are about to invest on. You don’t feel it, until you drive it!

5. Ownership

This is the trickiest part that you need to be very careful about. Ask for all the documents of the car regarding the ownership, warranty, previous repairs and services and most importantly, ensure that they are legitimate. If the car had been with more than two owners before, don’t hesitate to ask the reason why it has had so many owners before.

Lastly, we know you have been dreaming of owning an exotic car since you were a kid and if you are a first-time buyer; we know how excited you are. However, read the documents carefully before investing drive safe and stay classy!

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