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Gurgaon beckons one and all


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ONCE UPON a time Gurgaon of today had a high profile name; Guru Gram. It was so because the Pandavas of the Mahabharat fame had gifted this habitat and a large area around to their Guru, Dronacharya. Thus, it was named Guru Gram or the village of the teacher. Its importance increased or decreased depending on the exploits of its residents in war and peace. At the time of Indian Independence, the region was a part of the undivided Punjab. Since the East Punjab merged with the Union of India, Gurgaon became a part of our country. With the advent of modernisation, Gurgaon has emerged as a world class city that its residents are proud of.

Imagine a dusty tract of land and the adjoining areas transforming into a world class city. It became a Happening City because major corporate houses found it advantageous to have their headquarters here to promote business. The business flourished. The big business houses increased in numbers by leaps and bounds. Naturally, the employment opportunities increased and people from all walks of life were attracted to Gurgaon as bees are attracted to flowers for honey. The growing township was transformed into a modern city and flourished with the flourishing business houses.

I chose to have a look at the new city developing next to the national capital. Travelling by a car from New Delhi, the first thing to impress me was the modern highway sans traffic red lights as there were no crossroads. The non-stop travel on the toll road is full of cars only as no slow moving traffic is permitted on this road. The travelling time is thus cut down tremendously and men or women in the driving seats step on gas without irritation. Cheerful travellers going to a cheerful city make the conversational environment cheerful too.

The Gurgaon skyline appears on the horizon soon. The high rise buildings of steel and glass give Gurgaon the look of a Millennium City, the name that came on its own. The iconic buildings belong to big business houses and impress all visitors at the first sight. Some buildings have their names written in bold Roman alphabets and some throw a challenge to visitors to find out.
One cannot stop the car every now and then to go in depth about what is what and queries are kept pending for a later day.

The men and women on roads or in the shopping centres are well dressed and sport smiling faces. Some are well fed and betray their bank balance through large size belts. There are many Malls and residents enjoy the facility of shopping big and small items under one roof. Eating places in abundance are in the Malls too. You name it and the Malls have it.

If you wish to judge Gurgaon’s culture, you will not be disappointed. There are theatres where Hindi and English plays are staged. No opera house, though as they are out of fashion now. Cinema houses dot the residential areas and eateries make their presence felt there too.

Well, there are many facets of life in the happening city, Gurgaon. Once you choose to find a nest there for yourself and your nuclear family, we may have a chat on the plus and minus points of opting for Gurgaon for your children and children’s children.

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