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Online News: Advantages and Disadvantages


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Many of you think that online news, being a development in journalism, is all about the pros. True, it may have brought several significant changes in the way we gather relevant information but it may also have a negative impact to us, readers and more importantly, the newspaper industry whose main concern is profit.

In terms of circulation, no one can question the fact that online news is fast in reaching a wider audience. But this is not the case in online advertising. Due to strong competition, online advertising earns not even half of the total revenue of print ads. Though this has been a serious problem among the newspaper industry, this has been covered up by low-cost production and distribution of online publications.

The web also simplifies the listing and archiving of past issues. This is something which cannot be done as fast and as easy as in print newspapers.

Further, online news addresses the problem of many journalists. Many members of the staff in the newspapers are having a hard time writing their stories because news space is limited. In fact, other articles do not even get published because there's not enough space for everyone's articles. Online news allows newspaper companies to run headlines, stories, and opinion features at any length because the web supports it.

For the readers, it is clear that online news has made it a lot easier for them to read their favorite stories on a daily basis. In addition, they can easily understand these stories and even enjoy them because of the integration of images and videos into the articles. Plus they can interact with other readers by giving feedback to the story. Also, they can share it with friends through the social network widgets, which is famous among news sites today.

When the public can hardly get the relevant stories before, now, anyone can access the latest stories anywhere he is. The introduction of wireless technology and mobile devices made online news more interesting.

However, faster publication—that is as soon as the article is written—may lead to negligence of the standards of journalism, which are accuracy and verification. Many stories published online do not adhere to the standards of journalism and often, mislead readers to the real score of the story. But sometimes, the feedback system integrated in news sites fixes this problem, as concerned readers can clarify the real issue.

Notwithstanding all these advantages, issues like: difficulty in finding local or special topics; distracting links and animated ads; and slow download pace (especially with images and videos) continue to plague the online news.

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