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What's the Difference?


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You might have noticed, the news is bleak. And by ‘the news', I mean, the actual, literal news on television. Every time I turn on CNN or any of the network or cable news providers, it (the news) is bleak. Nothing appears to be going well at all except for the occasional ‘feel good’ story. This seems to apply in good times and bad, and so it is hard to distinguish the “reality" from the hype a lot of the time.

Here's something to keep in mind: When things get hard in the world, they're not hard for everybody. There are people who will always find a way to make money and get ahead of the game and there are some people that will never find it.

This has never been more clear to me than when I visited a friend in Cuba. This friend of mine that was doing well. He lived in his own house, he had nice things, he dressed well and he and his family lived a good life.

Then I saw other people that did the same thing that he did for a living and they had their own house but it was not nearly as nice, they weren't living quite as well.

One day we had to go out to this other area where the garbage dump was. We loaded up our stuff and off we went. And I was confronted with a site that has been burned into my memory, I don't know that it will ever leave.

There were older kids and little kids, and some older people, 10 or 12 of them or more, and there was a garbage dump that was right alongside the road which was absolutely enormous. It was a mountain. You'd have to climb up 40 or 50 feet to get to the top of this pile and it just stretched on and on and on.

These people were digging through it looking for food and for usable things and they were making little piles alongside the road where they were putting things they had found that they could probably sell or fix or do something with. They had a little fire going and they had cans that had been thrown away and they were trying to warm up something they'd found in the dump that they were going to eat apparently.

My big question that day and one that I have asked myself over and over again since then is what is the difference between the people at the dump and my friend living in a nice house. You come to the United States where it's supposed to be the land of plenty and opportunity and you see people starving to death and dying. And you also see people who are doing very, very well.

My point is: In the midst of what appears to be the greatest destruction of real estate values in the history of the country, in the face of this “crumbling economy" you see people that are doing well and staying focused, people who are doing incredible, and you see other people throw up their hands and say, oh, my god, it's the end.

So what's the difference? The difference is attitude and the difference is what people are focusing on.

Kenrick Cleveland teaches techniques to sell to affluent clients using persuasion strategies . He runs unique public and private seminars and offers home study courses, audio/visual learning tools, and coaching programs in persuasion techniques. Find more free articles at Be sure to sign up for his free report entitled “Yes! Persuasion. "


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