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The American Vampire League Dispelling the Myths

Constantin Chersin

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The American Vampire League is an organization that is dedicated to helping vampires. It is one of the largest of its kind and many of its members are in fact vampires. It's main objectives are to dispel all the hatred and false stories about vampires and help them to venture into society. It is true that many vampires are also Gothic and do associate themselves with death and its symbols but at the same time they are not out to kill people.


Many blogs exist about vampires and their style of living. You can join the discussions at these blogging sites and voice your opinion. Many people are fascinated by vampires and the Gothic way of life and you will get some lively discussions. The American Vampire League finds a voice on these sites as does its nemesis the Fellowship of the Sun. This organization tries to fuel hatred against the vampire people. You will find some vicious comments from followers of this organization.


Lots of books and movies have been produced about vampires. It is fun to look at these but most of them should be taken with a grain of salt. People are genuinely fascinated and sometimes almost obsessed by vampires and the Gothic way. These stories are generally romantic and spine chilling tales that only make the plight of the genuine vampires worse.

Myths and legends:

There are many horrific stories and myths about vampires and their association with evil spirits and death. Of course the most popular story is the one from Transylvania, East Europe. The story of Count Dracula does indeed have some truth, in that there was indeed an evil ruler of this area by this name. Whether he was indeed a vampire is not really proven. However it is a good Halloween story. It is stories like this that make modern day vampires feared and hated. These are the types of stories that the American Vampire League is trying hard to get people not to associate with the vampire people of today.

Dispelling the myths:

Dispelling the myths is indeed a mammoth task for the American Vampire League but they are trying their best to do so. They are trying to get a law passed that will give vampires equal rights in society. On their website there is a page dedicated to all the good things vampires have done for their neighbors. This shows people that vampires do think about others and can be good citizens and neighbors.

It is all about looking at people as they really are and not what society has branded them as. With the American Vampire League's efforts it is hopeful that people will come around, change their attitudes, and see that vampire people are not the blood sucking monsters that stories depict them to be. In fact now there is synthetic blood “Tru Blood" available so the vampires do not have to hunt you down for your blood but can get their snacks in packet form.

Watch for latest news on American Vampire League website.


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