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Are Cell Phones Really Worse Than Smoking and Driving?


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There is a huge push to make talking on a cell phone while driving illegal. Many states have already passed laws that make it so. But when you think about it, what really is the reason for this attack on cell phone users?

There are many things that people do in their car while driving which can be considered as distracting and dangerous. Smoking is an activity that is surely just as distracting as talking on your cell phone. How many times have you pulled up to a traffic light to see the car next to you with the window cracked and the person puffing away. They then have to reach out and flick the cigarette to get the used portion to fall off.

What happens when that person needs to flick the cigarette and they are actually in the process of driving? In that case, they have to maneuver to get it flicked while steering or else have that lit portion fall in their laps. Surely this is a recipe for danger equal to or greater than using a cell phone! Shouldn't we be banning smoking while driving as well?

How about eating in your car? Pulling up to the drive through and then eating that burger on the way home is something that most Americans are guilty of at one time or another. Is juggling a burger full of ketchup, mustard, and mayonaise with one hand and steering with the other hand safe? Surely that activity must be banned as well right along with the cell phone use.

How many of you drive your kids in your car? Is driving a 2 year old that is crying in the back seat not extremely distracting? Children often need constant attention and that is something you cannot afford to give them while driving. Shouldn't driving with children be illegal as well?

Other things that are surely distracting are listening to the radio, listening and talking to others in the car, putting on your makeup while driving, and the list goes on and on. What makes cell phones so much different from all these other “dangerous" activities?

Using a cell phone with a hands free attachment is OK under all the new state laws but as I have just suggested, your attention is still split between driving and thinking and talking. It is not really that safe if you are concentrating hard on your conversation instead of the care in front of you. What makes the attack on cell phone use so acceptable when there are other driving activities that are just as distracting and dangerous? Shouldn't they all be banned. Maybe we should just ban driving altogether and mandate bicycles!

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