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Water Supply For Any Nation That Needs Water


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Why has nobody come up with a way to permanently supply water to those countries that have no constant water supply. I believe that there should be a way to bring a permanent water supply to countries that have no source of water to depend on. finding a permanent water supply has to become top priority for leaders of all nations. I would like to know if there is some way to pipe daily fresh water to these water hungry nations? I believe this could be worked out if professional people were brought to work on this problem. I am not much of a professional plumber but I know that there is piping that can be to pipe water that is desperately need to these hot countries that have no long term water supply.

I know that this type of project would run into the billions of dollars to build. This is a worth while project to become involved in for companies that could achieve this. I think that a permanent water supply would help people in countries that need a permanent base for water. I believe that a major pipe project with right size water supply pipe then you could branch of with smaller pipe to supply villages separately. This project would take the need for water away from the driest countries that need water. There must be a way to permanently supply water for drinking and water to shower with. I believe that this would be the accomplishment for a life to supply water for growing fruits and vegetables to countries that have no natural food source.

I know that if people can pipe oil all around the world there has to be the same kind of way to water where is so desperately needed. I not only believe this can be done it must be top priority to get started. How many oil pipers have a need for a job? This is a project worth all countries investing in to bring a permanent supply of water to places like South Africa and the Sudan countries. I believe that a pipe line could be set up in blue print to show where and how to lay the pipe out. How many lives are lost every day that these people do not have a clean source of continuous clean water to meet there daily needs?

I believe that there are also short term answers to supplying water while a permanent water lines are worked on. I know that companies build hugh tankers that hold more then eight hundred thousands gallons of oil. Why are companies not building large water tankers to carry such large amounts of clean water to these heat ravaged countries? I believe that building tanker like this with a filtration system to purify the water once it arrives ? Can people even realize how much water could be supplied to these water hungry countries?

I believe that if this can be done with oil and gas there has to be away to do it for people who are crying out for a clean water supply. I think the next question is will any government put up the money that is so badly needed to supply these people with clean water? So many of these people and their children die from a lack of clean water to even grow food.

I know this can be done the question is where is the billions of dollars needed going to come from? I hope that all countries will invest in this project short and long term to end the senseless daily death of so many people and their children. This is not simply and investment for a better future this is the answer to long term water supply for people who die every day. People pipe gas and oil for people to drive why not pipe water and tankers that will stop death? Water is needed more then gas and oil in these countries. There is no one simple answer to this problem I believe that this could be done short and long term.

This will be a worth while investment for governments of these countries that need this water to take help make there country better for their people now and in the future. Why not invest in bring life back to these countries to grow their own food and have a fresh water supply that is needed?

I hope people will read this article and figure out how to get permanent water supply to these nations and stop the day to day death of so many.

As always I write with respect.

My name is Mike Carvell of the voice I hope that these articles will bring fourth change and hope for all people. I write to help people come together for all of God children. Because I believe really do believe that all people are important . I really believe that death and war must stop. I believe that god would want religion to be lived by not used as a weapon to kill. I think that we all can be so much more if we all try . I see a world where no one goes hungry . I see a world where no child cries out in pain from lack of food or proper medical care. I see A world where each of us values every life. I see a world that lives as God and Jesus would want his children to live. I see a world where we all stand together as one people. I see a world where death and war are weapons of the past. I see a world peace and love is part of every one of Gods children. I see a world where all people really live as Gods children. This is my hopes and prayers for all people that read these articles. May God bless all of usand bring a final and lasting peace to all people As always Thank you.

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