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Media Support To Change The Future Of Our Country Our Government - Political Change For America


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I think that our country needs political change for the future of America. I think that our country needs to change the way people view our country. I think our elected leaders should do every thing that they can to stabilize all areas in the Middle East? I think our future presidential candidates should answer questions on problems that affect our countries future? Questions I think that media people should asking at the next presidential debates. I think our country needs more people to vote at next years election. I think the media needs educate voters on problems that need change. I think that need our country needs major change politically in America to assure future cooperation by republicans and democrats. What I think our country wants is changes made by our countries next president? I think the media stay on top of the problems that faces our country?

Questions that I really need to ask candidates for the next presidential debates. I want to understand why are candidates being asked about their faith? I think that this is a personal question that has nothing to do with a persons qualification for political office. I think peoples faith should not be part of presidential debates. I think that we should stick to questions that have to do with future change in our country. I think that our country needs elect the proper candidate for president. I think the media puts the right questions to each candidate.

I think our country needs respect the right of privacy when it comes to questioning candidates about their faith or *** preference for any political office Our country separates religion from state why are these questions being put to presidential candidates? I think candidates campaigning should make all voters aware of their campaign strategy. I think our country needs make lower income people changes that can be made if they register to vote in next years presidential election. I believe that all candidates reaching out to lower income people to bring more voters to the poles.

I believe that media outlets should make sure questions that affect Lower income people are put to all candidates at our countries next presidential debates. I believe proper questions should be asked by our media to all presidential candidates to improve life for all people in our country. There are so many lower income people that do not vote. Presidential candidates should working to get more people out to vote next year. I believe that Lower income people will be most affect by our countries next president does.

While campaigning I hope Candidates reach out to all people our countries medical profession to try to work out some kind of plan for national insurance plan for our country. I think that if each candidate were already meeting with Americas medical profession to form a plan on how to create national health caret his problem would get solved a lot quicker. Doing this I hope will show voters that candidates are really trying to create a national health care plan. I believe that all candidates should already have some type of national insurance plan.

I hope that all presidential candidates work the media to explain each candidates plan on how to get our troops home from Iraq, Afghanistan. I believe that explaining to voters exactly how each candidates plan will work. I am sure that voters will have more confidence to vote if they understand. how each candidate is intent on changing our countries present situation. I want all made voters aware of each candidates plan for the future of our country. I believe that this will make voters more aware of each candidates commitment to to be elected our countries next president.

I hope each candidate will change poverty that affects so many families in our country. I know candidates campaigning for president of the United states should already have some plan on how each candidate will deal with each and every problem that saves our nation. I hope by reaching out to voters each candidate will prove they are qualified to be our countries next president. Working to get more voters will improve each candidates chance to get elected our countries next president.

I hope that Media outlets will explain more about each candidate thoughts on major problems. I am asking to have more political questions put to each candidate at our countries next presidential debate this will inform voters on where each candidate stands on our countries problems. I believe that all presidential candidates should have a plan to change the homeless situation that affects lower income people in our country. I believe that it is time for all media outlets to let each candidate explain their plan on how they will stop gang problems that affect big cities like Chicago where thirty one children have been shot by gangs since the start of the new year.

I know that all tax payers should be allow to ask all their state leaders about how out how many money they ear marked for our countries budget next year. Why are we not informed as taxpayers on what our government leaders are doing with our countries tax dollars? This is just one of many reasons that I believe that our country needs government reform. I think that each candidate should explain how they are going to start government reform in our country. I hope that each candidate has a plan ready to explain how our country is going to deal with cost of energy problem that faces our country today.

I know that our country needs other types of energy that will make us less dependent on other countries for so much oil.

I believe media outlets should make viewers more aware with daily news reports on situations that faces each candidate running for our countries next president. So many media poles show that most our countries people are not satisfied with the governments record today. I believe that we all can change this can change these problems by getting out to vote at our countries next presidential election. I believe that as American`s we have a responsibility to get more involved in our countries next presidential election. I ask each american to Listen all questions and answers by each candidate on problems that faces our country daily. Have them explain in exact detail how each of their plans will work if we elect him or her the next our president. I hope that all government leaders know that they work for our country not themselves. America I believe we need more ways to get more voters to the poles next year. I know that our country wants their politicians to working together to Pass bills.

Does our country have to actually need an in dependent candidate to run for our countries next president? Maybe by electing some in dependent candidate for president would change the future of politics in our country. I believe that as american`s we need to get every voter possible out to the poles to vote next year. Why not question every presidential candidate on how they each will work to get a immigration bill passed? I think that our media outlets should put more questions like this to all candidates for our countries next president.

America I hope that you vote for the most qualified person for president. I hope that every candidate already has some plan on how to solve these problems. I believe that our country should learn as much as can about each candidate.

I hope our countries next president has the answers to all the problems that need to be changed in our country .

I hope that America Votes for our next president on how each candidate plans to change problems that affects our country. I hope that our country will not elect our next president because of religious beliefs or their *** preference. As always I write this article with respect. I wish to thank all our troops that serving our country in Iraq, Afghanistan And every other country around the world. I pray that you will all be home soon. I hope that no american will have to spend their independence day at war again. Happy forth of July to all of us as american`s. God bless us all. Thank you.

My name is Mike Carvell of the voice i hope that this will be read by all publishers and that they agree with me that we need a voice for change I believe that if we all work together we can change so many problems that face our country today. I believe that if you put your column and respect on the line that we can all make this column a voice for all people I mean all people. Tell me what you want changed and i will keep this column honest direct and to the point with the commitment you need to affect change. Once again I need your respect help and commitment to make this accomplishment possible. I not only believe in all americans but the rights and respect of you all to make this commitment for which I will write with all honesty and respect and power that i can to prove this to you. This is my column and only my column I will do all the writing with respect to all those of you who put your trust and commitment into this column now and in the future. I will be columns as many as i can on as many subjects that I can with respect for all my future work thank you mike carvell as always


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