What You Really Need To Know About Spiritual Warfare And Bablyon

Matthew Robert Payne

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I am just a simple man. I am not educated or well taught in the ways of the Bible. I have been saved since I was eight years of age and I am now forty, yet most of my Christian life I was outside the church living in sin with an addiction to prostitutes for over twenty years until the addiction was broken over my life.

I read my first book by a spiritual warfare expert, who is world revered and a third of the way through a book that cost me over $20 I began to get angry with the book and what it was saying. I kept reading the experts book for two reasons. One because I had paid my money for it and didn’t want to waste my money and secondly as this author was the hottest seller on the market and everyone seemed to be talking about what a great book this one was.

I have been called a false prophet by people I know and it has stung me, and so I have made it a pledge of mine not to name names of people I suspect to be a false prophet, but this book and this author raised in my little knowledge and little discernment gifts my suspicions that I had happened upon my first false prophet. And boy was he making a profit!

I can never forget that distaste I had for that book all those years ago and the anger I felt as I threw it in the garbage can. One time I read what the apostle Paul had said to him in a vision of heaven one time on a website and I was once again repulsed at the words he put in the apostles mouth.

I personally have met the Apostle Paul myself in visions, as well as Moses, Elijah, Daniel, Joseph, Mary Jesus’ mother, Mary Magdalene, David, and the list goes on. All of them answered my questions and all of them shone with a love and adoration of Jesus Christ. I have been blessed to have met all of these people, both on earth in visions when they have visited me and in heaven when I have been to heaven in visions and I do not recall and of my conversations being tainted with the wicked things this false Paul had said to this author of this book.

I am a simple man as I have said. When the visions started and I had met Michael the arch angel and Gabriel and Jesus on many occasions in visions I started to question Jesus why I was encountering such visions that defy human logic. Why me, a simple man, and uneducated man and a man who is not a pastor getting such wonderful attention by God. Jesus has always been short with his answer. “To build your faith Matthew. ”

Jesus has allowed me to hear huge prophesies over my life, ones that I firmly believe in but have no clue how will come about, and all I can say is meeting all these guys from heaven simply weekly confirms to me that indeed in years to come I shall shake nations as the Lord has promised me I will.

I could never understand why people bound spirits and principalities of the air and did all these things that a modern spiritual warfare teacher teaches them to do, when in four occasions when my life was at risk angels had come to my protection and struck fear into people that wanted to do me great harm. Men bigger and stronger then me.

One two occasions in my life, I have had someone with spiritual connections on the dark side call down a hit on my life and I have had every evil person in a suburb driving around and looking for me and knowing what I was dressed in and what I looked like. The first time this happened I was fleeing suburbs and it was freaky as people where marshalling against me and I had no idea how to stop them or avoid them from catching up to me, and I have to say I was seriously worried. I fled three suburbs away by car and was dropped off and I watched a man with murder in his eyes, circle me twice with his car before he left me alone.

Why did he leave me alone?

I am a guy that has only been in two fights in my life and terrified of physical harm as for the first seven years of my life my elder brother was violent to me.

Looking back I know that the man who drove passed me certainly eyeballed me and he circled twice as the demon in him was ordering him to fight, but just like any bully they soon back off when they can see that they will not win a fight. For it was not just me this man saw, but three of us, one angel either side of me that I could not see.

Once in a restaurant I was buying a homeless man a meal and two thugs threw things at him as I was getting the take away and I caught them in the act. I asked them did they really throw what I thought I saw them throw at him and one of them, a bigger man then me stood up and said. “Do you want to make something of it? Because if you don’t shut up me and my friend will take you outside and teach you’re a lesson. ” Both of them were bigger then I and both of them loved violence and I was straight away seized with fear that I was going to get seriously hurt.

But conviction of my homeless man’s honor was at stake and to back down would not see them repentant and sorry caused faith to rise up within me and by faith I heard myself speak. “I have a broken hand and cannot fight but I simply want to warn you that if we should go outside and you and your friend start to be hit by blows by something you cannot see, be sure to remember that I warned you. ”

With this I saw something nothing short of a miracle. The angry thug went white as a ghost and sat down and was apologizing profusely to me and to my homeless companion begging for forgiveness and saying that he meant us no harm and could we please forget the whole thing?

I pondered over that incident for years before I had the courage to ask Jesus what I suspected might have happened. Jesus confirmed to me that as I spoke of the invisible friends that might help me, two large angels started to manifest to my right and my left, sufficient for the man to be struck with mortal fear and start to beg me not to fight with him and his friend. My words of faith had brought a real entity from the unseen world to the world of my would be attackers eyes.

Jesus never seemed to marshal a legion of angels to attack the enemy and bind them, he simply walked around preached the gospel and set people free. When needed angels from time to time appeared around him and he walked with them and went invisible to the people who wanted to stone him a couple of times.

Guys it is no big feat and you don’t even have to have faith for angels to make you disappear into thin air and walk out of harms way, they simply surround you and the person that would do your harm suddenly cannot see you anymore. On three occasions in my life I have done the Jesus disappearing act. Once I walked out of a suburb that was hunting me like prey with four friends that were a little shaken by the ordeal with over a thousand angels around us and Jesus walking by our side.

When Michael the arch angel stands by your side and you can see him there by your side in a vision its remarkable how a little wimp like me can suddenly feel very confident and strong.

Who are we to send or order angels into flight?

Jesus never bound any spirit he came across. He simply chucked them out and in one occasion that I know of in the Bible he wasn’t even near the person he threw it out of, they were in another town. Jesus also healed the centurion’s son I think by his command.

When you have love and good prayer ministers and the right anointing you can counsel a person and remove their demons.

But binding whole cities, this is not done by Jesus and should not be done by you. You have no right to bind the enemy over a city. You simply have the right to preach the gospel and drive the enemies hold back on that town.

The very best article on this subject was written by an expert author on here that I do admire very much and I wrote this article simply to give you the link. If you cut and paste this link into your browser then you will find it a very very good article about what folly you engage in when you practice this spiritual warfare that is wrongly taught. http://ezinearticles.com/?SPIRITUAL-WARFARE:-Lets-Get-Ready-to-Rumble!&id=83144

The Lord of Hosts has unseen forces to marshal the biggest foes and you don’t even have to be aware that they are working to protect you.

I have seen a whole road for as long as the eye could see filled with angels that were the first ranked angels that answer to Michael direct. His commanders lined the road and other angels filled the parks and as I looked and felt the anointing and asked the Lord Jesus, yes my whole city of Sydney Australia where all the high rises were was full of angels that day.

You should feel the peace and anointing that comes when that many angels come to your city. I had just dressed down a junior prophet in a firm rebuke from the Lord and Michael came and stood by my side as I had done it and when we left the place he took the opportunity to show me his highest ranked officers and filled a whole road with them.

Do you know what guys? All these people talk about in the enemy they are binding and all I am meeting are the highest decorated angels in the universe.

There is a very profound and disturbing verse in the Bible that is behind much bondage that comes into born again Christians lives. It says, “What a man thinketh on so shall he become. ”

These people spend whole books speaking about the forces of evil and launch into a war that even the angels of heaven have no jurisdiction over until the last days and then are surprised at the fallout and the causalities that they have in the midst of it.

One day I asked Jesus, why if I saw so many angels all the time, why I don’t see the demons that are around me and he answered. “If you saw all the demons that wished to do you harm you would never sleep at night. ”

I never again wanted to see the enemy.

He is defeated in a Christian’s life that is set apart and holy. Defeated, so why talk about a foe so often that is one day going to be cast into the lake of fire by my beloved personal friend Michael?

It seems the more you scare people the more books you sell.

I read that 41% of the US budget went on military spending this past year. See what fear does? It costs you all.

Let me prophesy something over two cities in the world for you. One day in my lifetime and I am only forty now, you will see this happen.

One day the high rise city of Sydney Australia with in famous Harbour will fall to the ground and one day the high rise city of New York in the USA will fall to the ground.

Both Babylon New York, and little Babylon Sydney will be judged like Sodom and Gommorah.

And when it happens you will know that the Lord of Hosts not only allowed it to happen, but it came from His own hand.

Don’t you realize people, the only enemy you have in your life is the idolatry and the lusts of your fleshly nature. The wicked one, oh yes he has power, but only the power to put a thought into your mind. You do the sinning.

You need to embrace Jesus and get busy in the harvest.

Do something for God and get busy doing His will. Oh yes, when you start to do his will in a mighty way you will hear the mortars of the enemy exploding all around you, but the advances you are making for the Kingdom of God will have you so happy that the mortar fire will only drive you to fight harder.

God has not changed. He hates sin and he does not like hypocrites that honor him with lip service but do not obey Him.

Email this to your friends, post it on your website.

Oh guys, you must have heard a story that gave you faith here or you have heard the story of a fool. But if I am a fool, then I am a fool for Christ and not for the enemy.

I have personally met the angel that is in charge of the USA and conversed with him. I have personally met the angel over Australia and conversed with him. The angels shared how the battles were going. The angel for my country had much hope as the worst drought in the history of our country is driving the churches to dig deeper and move more toward repentance, while the angel over America is tired and weary from the stiff necked pride of his countrymen.

Instead of knowing God by first name basis and just conversing with Him, I have twice met Him where he was a big ball of light and had some very important things for me to hear and experience in heaven.

If the Beast was to rise to power in the next ten years and suddenly you find yourself surprised that there was no rapture and you faced a choice between money or your life, which would you choose?

People bravely say they would take the guillotine, yet the scripture warns us we should flee Babylon if we want to be safe. The world with all its supposed knowledge of the Word of God, still cannot identify which country Babylon is that is going to be judged and wiped out by God himself. You can go to this link and see which country it is and make your preparations. http://www.shalomjerusalem.com/prophecy/prophecy17.htm

Good people. Forget about having a fight with Satan for a moment. In you, you have the Holy Spirit, which can teach you the things you need to know and give you the power to resist temptation and sin. The main reason people don’t overcome sin in their life is they don’t repent from it with a heart attitude that they are never going to do it again. They repent long enough to get the peace of God and then they sin again when THEY CHOSE to! While un repented sin, remains in your life, you do not please God and you are not holy and you do not wear the breastplate of righteousness.

When you are not sharing the truth of the Word of God and bringing the good news of salvation to people in words and deeds, your feet are NOT SHOD!

You need not say a prayer to put on the armor each day. Guys, you need to do the armor!!

If you do anything today, read the two links I have provided you with. They are better men then me and this article is just a little of my words and experiences. The meat of what you need to know about spiritual warfare and its folly is in the first article, and when you want to know which country you might want to leave in the coming years, you might want to check the second link.

When you find yourself recoiling at the stuff in this article or the two links, just remember that all the good prophets in the Bible were killed by the people they came to warn. I don’t come to you asking you to buy my book, I don’t prophecy peace over the USA and I don’t spend an hour of my time typing at 4am in the morning to waste anyone’s time.

For those of you who see me as honest, I hope my experiences I shared with you give you the faith that one day you might see a vision.

Let me pray for you.

Father I ask that you touch these readers and confirm your words of your three servants by the Holy Spirit in their hearts. I pray that they take the warning seriously and enough to seek repentance. Father I pray that they might obey you and move toward a life set apart for you in holiness. I pray that you might give them dreams and visions and that you might prophesy over them with true prophets and that they might even seek out my website for a free prayer or prophecy. I pray that this little seed of your word and my testimony might grow and bear much fruit in the lives of the readers and their friends. I pray that they might all come to Australia on holidays and settle down in the Great Southland of the Holy Spirit until your Son comes in glory. May your peace confirm your word today. I ask this in my friends name Jesus the Anointed one.


Matthew fellowships in a Salvation Army church and has preached on a number of occasions. He is being trained up by the Lord to be a gifted teacher and writes new articles each week here on this site. He is Pentecostal in his giftings and yet comes from a traditional Baptist background and is open to addressing any church in Australia that would like him to preach or share with their congregation.

Matthew is the author of a new book called The Musings of a Mad Prophet which is a collection of articles on mental illness, divorce and many helpful Christian subjects. He shares his life, his breakdowns, his marriage collapse and many helpful insights in a large format 264 page book. He will encourage you, inspire you and the Holy Spirit might convict you in his writings and would be happy to hear from you via email. His book is available from here .

Read what one reviewer has said in articles reviewed for “The Musings of Mad Prophet"and you can email him at http://www.online-prayer.net


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