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How To Fake A Prophecy


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This is a thing to do if you are an egocentric or a fool.

I have a little story to tell you about a rule God uses about prophetic utterance. A story so damming that if you fell sick reading this then read on and see the cruel nails that run straight through innocent victims hearts! A while ago I was at church and the Holy Spirit prompted me to say something. I can’t remember what it was as it was along while ago.

Sometimes visitors come to my church and want to give a word or do something as they pick up on the theme God pick’s for our meetings About ten years ago a hippy kind of man came to the church I attend and said God wants to do something very special and want to do it soon!

He did pick up on God’s idea but did not understand it at all!

It was on full view and no one who attends church there saw what I saw , until I said to a pastor there that this was a new age approach to what God wants and not a Pentecostal message! Frogs were coming out of his mouth and demonic delusion was there in full power and the devil was there to kill steal and destroy!

I am a slow learner and I am on a pension for it. So what in the world was happening there? Well the occult can trick anybody and even the elect of God! Well it went from bad to worse the people at church were sort of hippy them self’s and wanted to embrace it and get collected for the trash heap!

I am not picking at the new age but new age and spirituals are not born again!

To be born again one need to repent from one’s sin and need to see Jesus as he really is lord of heaven and earth!

And judge of every living and dead soul’s that ever existed and will exist until Jesus comes to earth to take his elect and to judge the world of sin corruption and fornication and adultery done against God!

There are other things I did to be a prophet this is my story now and I am just as deluded as the next!

I sometimes want to be seen as spiritual and seen as a Godly man. It started about 1994 in Australia where I live. My wife and I who I was married to for a little bit until we split.

I was a bad husband and she was a bad wife as well. But I want to show you how God looked on me and not to accuse my ex wife as I love her and she still looks as lovely as I first saw her and maybe she is saved now?

After we split up I was devastated and was so deluded that I filled the void and not willing to let go of this deep pain at all! I was suicidal and attempted to kill my self but Jesus stopped me and I am happy he did too! I came back to the church I attended for a long time and looked really bad but a least was home!

It was the season for something new and something new did happen to me.

This is old news but could be new to you?

The Toronto blessing as the media called it. Hit Sydney like a storm and I was at the right place at the right time! I got totally delivered from demonic lust and violence and some other stuff but I don’t know what God knows and it is up to him to reveal it to me yet!

I was on the floor like a snake and having epileptic fits and I am not an epileptic! I was so sore and all my joints were being torn apart as it felt like it! After I was delivered Satan came to hassle me as I was telling him in Australian where to get off and he don’t own me any more!

Satan was so big and I was so small but God is bigger than Satan any day!

MY friend Steve was worship leader and the team as well as others that I did not get on well at church was there. But I was a fool to think that they did not care for me! They looked so nice now I got healed from rejection and I felt so good to. And I did not reject my self either> This is where I started fro in the beginning of this article.

The hippy man walked in to church as the Toronto blessing was happening or in plain talk revival or healing of the body of Christ at church! I have nothing against hippy people as I am a bohemian and have clothes to that are cool and hip .

Any way this is where the frogs come out and hop on to others at church and they hopped them out of the kingdom of God and into darkness!

Where are they now? I do not know?

And I want to know as they were a part of God’s body! All because they accepted a dark prophecy and the prophecy was talking about a false light! This is a thing one can do to please there ego and damn others to hell! Be not fooled God is not mocked you reap what you sow!

For that man who came to church you need to repent and come to God and explain why you need to say and not pray!

This is a thing most prophets need to do…

#1 when you hear a word in your head about someone you need to ask will this benefit them if I told them.

#2 will my ego be ok if I don’t say it and will they survive with out this word?

#3 Am I at a place in obedience to God and leaders at my church? In saying my means owing the place I fellowship at…

#4 Will I be accountable to the person on judgment day?

You get my drift don’t you?

I go to a nice little church in Sydney and hurting people go there, they are real people and want to please God very much!

But they lack wisdom and don’t know how to rest! A couple who were married for a short time was in leadership and served God real good to! But they were up to there neck and there freedom was not happening either!

I got a word for them and was really wanting to say it God stopped me and I said God the wont listen so what do I do now?

So I just prayed and they left the ministry and do other things together. Like do gardening together.

And now they are in God’s will!

There is a moral here … Break it or make it! It is up to you but remember false prophecy in the Old Testament was dealt with by death! Now God has revealed himself a little more and one day we will see him as he really is!

This does not mean that God is any different but the same yesterday today and tomorrow!

So do God a favor and give him a big cuddle and say hey lord I didn’t know that either. So I hope you liked this and want you to contact me for a word but you must promise me one thing take it to a responsible person who is a Christian and even a spirit filled church. I go to two church’s and I am a man after God’s own heart meaning I am a mischief maker like king David many thousand’s of years ago!

And by the way Jesus loves you and always remember to say thank you to mum and dad as you might be a parent and you kid’s might not say thank you ! So thank you to every one who reads my articles!

God bless you and have a nice day maybe we will meet in heaven?

Here is a suggested prayer

OK Dad I messed up big time and I need you so much in my life I now realize it’s your life that I am grateful for! the breath living in me! I ask that you show me where I have gone wrong? So please send somebody my way who is a born again spirit filled Christian to not only pray for me but to nurture me and help me to grow as a Christian someone who will be my mentor and love me as a friend and brethren! And Lord when I am ready I will do the same for a lost soul to! Amen in Jesus wonderful name amen.

Be blessed Guys and until next time
Yours partners in crime against Satan yianni!

Yianni runs a website at where he can be contacted via email.


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