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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to stand in the manifest presence of Jesus Christ?! The Bible tells us that we'd immediately fall face down in terror and worship! Imagine his power; his perfect beauty, the light and love emanating from his being. Can you then imagine any problem, any circumstance, any challenge you face in your life that couldn't be dealt with by the authority of the words Jesus spoke in that moment?

For years we have touted the goodness and wisdom of the Scriptures, but how often do we stop and realize that in those pages is a very real repository of power? What if hidden within the lines of the text is a personality so powerful and so filled with authority, that simply by reading and engaging the Bible, a person's life and circumstances can be transformed by the power of Christ? What if years of unforgiveness and guilt could be torn away and crushed in a single moment's revelation of God's forgiveness? What if marriages that seemed as though there were no possible solutions were saved? What if bondages were broken, hearts encountered the power of the love of Jesus Christ, and people's lives were set free? What if, when you hold the Word of God in your hand, you're really holding the gateway and portal to the living person Jesus Christ?

It is because we understand the importance and relevance of God's Word in peoples’ hands that we have designed Scriptures to appeal to different people, like our Way for Cowboys New Testaments, Path to Victory New Testaments, and Heart of the Outdoors Bibles. Each of these Scriptures carries the power of the living Word along with stories and testimonies by people whose lives have been changed because of the Bible.

The writer of Hebrews tells us that the Bible is alive and active. It's not a pile of old texts, forgotten stories, or dusty relics we use to entertain people on Sundays. It's not just good ideas to help people live nice lives. It is the power of God, given to us in the revelation of Jesus Christ. It is the only source, the single standard, the universal presentation of God's love and ultimate authority over all living and created things.

Our hope and prayer is that as you read these Bibles and give them away, you will have a fresh revelation and encounter the living and powerful God who loves you, has come to set you free, and is zealous to work through you to reveal his power and might to the nations of the world.

How can your church share God's Word, the Bible?

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