The Joy of Meeting Apostles on Earth

Matthew Robert Payne

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Ephesians 4:11 (New King James Version)

11 And He Himself gave some to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, and some pastors and teachers,

Growing up in a Baptist church that do not believe in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and the offices of prophet and apostle these days, it was not strange that I had spent a large portion of my life not knowing that apostles existed on the earth today.

Today I have just returned from spending a day with the third apostle I have met in my life. Chito is a funny man that exudes the love and grace of Jesus Christ. With a warm sense of humour and a spiritual depth, he has patience to listen to me speak and ask questions that my speaking brings to his mind.

Today I sat under his teaching as he said that one of the main things missing in the Western church was living intimacy with God. He spent a lot of time speaking how we must spend time in prayer seeking the face of the Father and Jesus and as he smiled and laughed as he preached you could tell this man had a special relationship with the Lord and the LORD. (ie Jesus and the Father)

What a warm man, interested in every detail in my life, who in mid conversation asked me if I was on medication, seeing symptoms of mental illness in me or perhaps getting a word of knowledge off God about me. The first opportunity he got he asked me if he could pray for me. His prayer was just what my poor tired soul needed to hear and he asked the Lord that in the future I could be used mightily for the Lord, something I want in my future to.

Being around these apostles is like being around Jesus. They just have an air of grace and love that is just so warm it heats your soul like the sun warms you on a summer’s day. They have such knowledge of the scriptures and they always seem to have smiles in the midst of their sermons, not dry theological sermons but ones full of laughter and amens and feedback requested by them.

Oh I have to look at these guys and ask myself, will I ever be so considerate to nobodies like myself. I know myself I am quite unfair in the way I treat people sometimes. Sometimes I only want to speak to certain people and get annoyed when a person I don’t want to speak to comes to talk to me. But these apostles are not like that, they are willing to speak for a half an hour and ask questions.

Yes church apostles are alive and well on planet earth. Chito is known as a Bishop to most people, but a personal question asking if he was also an apostle cleared my mind up with his answer. He is another loving servant of the Most High and brought much joy into my life, even getting me out of bed two mornings when I have been fighting depression that has been keeping me in bed for some months now.

Another man that I have met that was an apostle was a man called Mutu. Here I met the first Christian that seemed to know every scriptures meaning in the Bible and held the answers to twenty five years worth of question I had in the Christian faith. Once gain he was full of grace (unmerited favour toward me) and love. The second time I met Mutu I spent hours with him one on one and he listened and answered my questions for hours and hours.

Mutu said in one sermon that personally he hasn’t experienced fear or worry for ten years. I thought that was one of the most profound testimonies of a persons life that his based wholly and soley on the Bible’s truth. The Word says perfect love casts out all fear and so I suppose it can be said that Mutu’s love for Jesus and the Word must be perfect as he does not fear anymore.

I have cried many tears since I met Mutu. My heart misses him so much and he only visits my country once a year or so. The first time I met him I said to him at lunch time one day. “I’m going to miss you Mutu when you go. ” He smiled at me a big bright smile and said, “Miss me Matthew? You have Jesus. ” When he left I felt that I was legion at the boat saying goodbye to Jesus and wept for half an hour after his plane left.

This weekend I met another Mutu. Another man that Christ’s light shines from his pores. I simply love sitting under the teaching of these guys. I love sitting at tables where they eat and listening to what they say. I love the way how they encourage you to turn up and hear them speak. I love the way that they simply love me. An unknown to them but not to the Lord.

Chito is the spiritual father to sixty pastors in the Philippines and controls two orphanages also. He is a busy man but has half an hour to sit with me and speak to me and my friends.

Can you imagine a man of faith like that praying over you?

Today before the day started I had the opportunity to speak to Rachel, Chito’s wife and she was a wonderful lady full of grace and attentive with her questions and her real interest when I spoke of the articles I have written on Ezine articles. She took a card from me that told her how to access my home page on the site and read the index of all my articles and told me that she would email the link to her friends all over that world. What a privilege. She hasn’t even read my articles and already she feels confident from speaking to me that they are good enough to share with he friends? Chito has found himself a wonderful wife and she would be a lovely spiritual mother to many orphans and the women say she is a very gifted teacher herself. Rachel blessed my heart today.

I think it takes a special talent to be a pastor’s wife. Only really special women are called to this job that can be very demanding. Rachel, if you know her has a lovely smile and a very encouraging manner and it’s no doubt in my mind that she is the kind of lady that would be a great woman to come home and share your day’s activities with.

My heart burst with joy. Joy that I had the opportunity to meet the two aforementioned apostles. Both men sowed a sense of worth in my life and both prophesied over my life and made me feel lovable and special.

God bless the apostles.

So guys, what can I say?

If you are not a Pentecostal Christian. Go and approach one of their churches and ask them when the next apostle is going to come and speak with them, and make sure you go along and listen to the guy. Approach him and speak to him and I promise you, you will be smiling form ear to ear.

Matthew fellowships in a Salvation Army church and has preached on a number of occasions. He is being trained up by the Lord to be a gifted teacher and writes new articles each week here on this site. He is Pentecostal in his giftings and yet comes from a traditional Baptist background and is open to addressing any church in Australia that would like him to preach or share with their congregation.

Matthew is the author of a new book called The Musings of a Mad Prophet which is a collection of articles on mental illness, divorce and many helpful Christian subjects. He shares his life, his breakdowns, his marriage collapse and many helpful insights in a large format 264 page book. He will encourage you, inspire you and the Holy Spirit might convict you in his writings and would be happy to hear from you via email. His book is available from here .

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