Paris Hilton - What Good Has She Contributed?

Nathalie Fiset

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Paris Hilton- “the giver of hope for young Americans"- as she proclaimed herself to be. But really, what good has she done?

If you will listen to the opinions of people worldwide, you will find that those who are well informed about Paris Hilton has the common opinion that she mirrors the worst image America may have, what's worst is that she managed to make this unlikely image exposed for the whole world to scrutinize. She is just another lucky socialite who was gifted by fortune through her grandfather's hard work. Everything else- her beauty, her popularity, her body- are nothing but mere results of what money could do for someone who has it in great excess.

Many people wonder, why despite of her immense controversies, some people seem to have an unyielding admiration for this socialite who has contributed nothing for the world, not even for America.

She is virtually incapable of contributing any good to any society. Why? Look at the following reasons:

She has no talent- How can an actress, a reality show host, and a model survive in the world of Hollywood where all you need most are some impressing talents. She has no talent. She does not sing well. She doesn’t have an exceptional body. She dances only on table tops. With all these things unsubstantial talents, she can still sweep her way through shows and product endorsements. It is simply because she is a walking billboard and the media has realized that potential long ago.

It is best to take advantage of someone who is a born attention gatherer. You no longer have to make a name famous and invest on the process. You just have to pay a longstanding, extremely famous celebrity and enjoy the ride. Books, films and other publicity materials apparently do her no good BUT she makes good profit from creating diverse links. She mentions people, products and items without being paid but she gets more than good cash in the end. She's simply someone whom products’ name could be attached with and maybe that’s one good she has contributed, at least for a handful people.

She has no wit- People commenting that Paris Hilton is a bright businesswoman are proven downright wrong. She is not and she had admitted this herself. She's not smart, she is not even a high school graduate. So obviously, she hasn’t even contributed anything to the vault of knowledge mankind has save for some hilarious and dim-witted quotes she has delivered many times before. Well at least she was able to make people use their brains while thinking what she really meant by her words.

She's accidentally dangerous- Accidents happen once in a while, we all know that. But with Paris Hilton, it is a common case. She seems to be a walking magnet for accidents that could be too harmful for other people. Nonetheless, she doesn’t care nor does her family. If it weren’t for an enlightened judge who sentenced her for drunk driving while on probation, she could have met accidents somewhere and what's worse is that someone could have died or got gurt because of her. She may be the American princess but even queens are not allowed to drive under the influence of alcohol.

Well, because of her being accidentally dangerous many people were thought that no one could ever be above the law, not even a daughter of a hotel magnate.

Karma punishes those who need the most punishing- Well that’s one thing we could not ignore. Though most of us don’t believe in Karma, many however would remember the sermon our parents used to tell us- actions have its consequences.

Perhaps Paris Hilton is the present-day reminder of that truth. Obviously, her own shadows are now outrunning her, giving us some good perspectives and exposure to what's good for us and what is not. Her belligerence has told has that we would end up nowhere if we continue to be so. Her ignorance even on the simplest of things tells us that we must never rely on an autopilot existence. And her glamour, fortune and popularity tell us that not all that we see good are actually helpful for us.

She may not have exactly meant to contribute good things for other people to benefit and learn from but through her own mistakes, she seems to make other people realize her unintentional good lessons.

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Paris Hilton - Should She Go to Jail?
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