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Many times multimedia equipment that has been left unattended after the end of a class is reported stolen to campus security. The number one stolen multimedia item is laptops used for PowerPoint presentations. When arranging for the return of campus equipment, try to have the room locked until an employee from the multimedia department arrives.

Every semester, students have reported that their backpacks or items within the backpacks have been stolen even if the owner was close by. Students, many times, have to transfer from room to room during laboratory hours and often leave their backpacks behind. Even in a roomful of professors and classmates, a thief can avoid being caught while removing your purse, wallet, Ipod, or whatever. Always keep a close watch over your personal property and bring only essential items to class.

Students studying in the library also need to maintain a watchful eye over their backpacks, books, wallets, etc. Every semester thefts are reported by students who leave to go to the bathroom, return a book, make copies, etc. Take your stuff with you or have a friend that you trust watch over your stuff while you are away for a brief moment.

College textbooks are goldmines for thieves who see them lying around unattended on a library study table. If you are studying in the library, use the buddy system. Have your buddy watch over your stuff when you are away as you will do the same thing if he needs to run errands such as potty breaks, making copies, paying a book fine, etc.

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College Dormitory Room Security
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