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The Next Big Thing Is - Garbage

Anja Merret

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For at least three years now, a friend and I have been mulling over what could be the next big thing. In recent years, computers, windows operating system, mobile telephony and internet search engines have been some of the huge money makers. If you look around you, think what would make life easier, safer, cleaner or any number of attributes that you feel would make the difference.

Reading in the Springwise newsletter this morning, I picked up on an idea in it. Springwise talks about new business ideas for entrepreneurial minds, according to their by-line. This concept could be the next big thing. Big business is waiting to happen in waste recycling into eco-friendly solutions. Waste collectors have been making money for centuries. They might have collected bones in the olden days, then metal, cardboard and newspapers as the waste changed over the years according to how humans lived.

With the increase in population and subsequent higher levels of consumption, it has fallen on cities to collect waste and somehow find an area where they can dump it. Many of the landfill sites are starting to overflow and it is becoming very apparent that waste is a huge problem. Countries are starting to fine citizens who do not recycle and in the UK some harsh words are being sprouted by politicians about the duties of citizens to recycle.

The following is an example of how it can be done and how money can be made from taking on waste and recycling it into something useful. A company called TerraCycle is collecting waste and converting it into all-natural and all-organic liquid plant food and packaging the product into recycled soda bottles. Although there are several steps in the process, the main idea is to use worms that munch their way through the prepared waste and the ‘poop’ is then used for the end product. Must be worm heaven!

Since 2003 this company has tripled its business every year. In fact it is getting so successful that the company is being sued by Scotts-Miracle Gro, the leader in the plant growth industry in their market. This is a sure sign they are doing something right, when the market leader tries to shut you down.

Disposing of waste in developed countries, and non-developed countries will soon be facing similar issues, is becoming a huge headache. Finding a large-scale solution that converts this waste into re-usable products will create the next generation millionaires.

Anja Merret lives in Brighton, UK. Her personal blog allows her to voice opinions on issues that interest her and observations she makes.

She has started a new blog that deals with observations on self development and personal power. Her recommendation for self help tools may be found on


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