Iran Cannot Defend its Nuclear Weapons Facilities


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As the leader of the Iranian Regime continues to defy the International Community and makes nuclear weapons, the world as we know it is about to change. Iran believes it can defend its nuclear weapons facilities, yet that is not exactly true. As the United States controls the Afghanistan Territories, Iraq Region and has two carriers in the Persian Gulf, actually the Iranian Republican Guard is about to suffer up to a million man loss in a 3 day non-stop airstrike. God rest their young soles.

Potential Targets such as Ardekan are not out of reach for Super Hornets with exterior drop tanks, improving their range significantly. Stealth Aircraft coming from Iraq or Afghanistan could easily penetrate the airspace. Isfahan is a sitting duck and could be hit from literally any direction and there is no way to defend it for this reason.

Even secondary targets such as Fasa, Bushehr, Darkhovin, Saghand, which are far South of Tehran have no prayer in being defended and they are so vulnerable that they may as well be hit on the first wave for “Practice Sake" or to make a statement of the raw force of strength and agility of the US forces.

Other primary targets such as: Natanz could not survive the first 10 hours of a US Strike. Likewise once the game starts many military folks we talked to said the life expectancy of an Iranian ship would be 10 minutes max and they were talking “direct" hits from cruise missiles and airborne launched torpedo weapons. Speaking of which Natanz is completely vulnerable from Tomahawk strike, forget the availability of Stealth Bombers or fighter bomber attack.

The secondary targets such as Tabriz and Bonab can be hit on the way back or too other targets or used for decoy diversions. If the air-strike is going to last for 72 brutal hours of annihilating force then these areas cannot be defended or saved by any Iranian forces. They Iranian air force would be history within the first 5-hours, anything that is launched is an immediate target, thus such secondary targets could be taken out with ATVs, special teams or fast moving tank groups. Get in, destroy get out and wait for round two, if anything is left.

Underground facilities like Chalus are too vulnerable once air-defenses collapse and an MOAB or smart munitions with butter-cutting tips in sequence could never survive and that would take all of about a few minutes once the game was in full swing. Mo'Allem Kalaych and Neka seem to be a slight problem from a first glance, but indeed, they rely on terrain and air-defense, which are already completely known and for stealth and cruise missiles there is no better friend than mountainous terrain, it is a pleasure doing business with you they say and they drop in for a visit that would shake the world.

Karaj is another interesting topic that I am not at liberty to discuss other than to say it is on the “A" list to demolish, “completely" as one gentleman told me. If you know anyone who works there, have them find a new job.

Sharif University and Tehran University has plenty of anti-regime folks ready to unite as soon as the current regime is eliminated and the command and control and current political human flesh running the nation will be theirs to deal with, if these Iranian leaders are lucky enough to survive first strike.

I sincerely hope you have enjoyed this commentary and I hope you realize that without a complete about face and change in political direction by the Iranian Regime, it is pretty much too late and even that might not save the regime, because they have already back-tracked so many times on promises to the International Community. After the Earthquake, sometime soon after that there is planned a full strike to make good on the UN Resolutions, but everyone is keeping very quiet while last ditch efforts are being made to try to prevent what has been foretold.

L. Winslow is an Economic Advisor to the Online Think Tank, a Futurist and retired entreprenuer . Currently he is planning a bicycle ride across the US to raise money for charity and is sponsored by and all the proceeds will go to various charities who sign up.


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Iran and the UN
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