Universal Health Care, Socialism and Some Thoughts


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Many Americans are demanding universal health care and promise to vote for any politician who promises it. Recently this discussion came up at an online think tank and it was amazing the differences of opinion. Can the United States afford Universal Health Care considering the sky rocketing costs of health care these days? One think tanker puts it bluntly;

"It is a “No-Go!" for several reasons, but I think I have the solutions figured out if anyone is interested, of course they aren't. Such a system cannot survive in the present climate with the laws and regulations in the Healthcare Industry. It would bankrupt the nation. The biggest issues I see is people that do drugs like “Crystal Meth" who will be needing heart valves at age 35. What will happen is we will start making laws to prevent people from the dumb things they do, which will cause less privacy in personal matters, what we eat, etc. to shore up the run-away costs. "

Indeed, some of what he is saying makes sense, common sense in fact. But what are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Universal Health Care in America?

Disadvantage; We will bankrupt our nation and then lose it all.

Advantages; People can continue to be irresponsible for their own health and not exercise or watch what they eat.

People need responsibility for their own health and the care they need. And we need some deregulation so the “Patel Family" can convert hotels into hospitals with minimal laws. The over night stay in a hospital is nuts.

The costs for a plastic IV Drip is $500.00 that is crazy as the plastic container costs $1.95 to produce and the stand only $30.00, we have run-away lawsuits too. We cannot afford universal healthcare. We need to focus on preventative and education and responsibility. Also we need primary care costs lower and more doctors and less lawsuits too. Any thoughts?

L. Winslow is a Economic Advisor to the Online Think Tank, a Futurist and retired entrepreneur. Currently he is planning a bicycle ride across the US to raise money for charity and is sponsored by http://www.Calling-Plans.com and all the proceeds will go to various charities who sign up.


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