3 Strategies to Save Your Relationship


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Relationship troubles can start as minor matters, but long term problems can arise if they are not taken seriously. As small problems begin to compound into larger arguments, the stress involved with fighting can lead to a breakdown in communication and trust. It becomes harder to save a relationship when you begin to lose these vital elements of communication. To avoid a spiraling situation like this, try utilizing these 3 strategies for saving a troubled relationship.

Ask the Tough Questions There will always be one side of a broken relationship that will refuse to reach out. This person typically feels that it is not their fault that things are going wrong. If this sounds like your partner, then you will need to assume the responsibility of attacking your problems. This process starts by asking the tough questions. Do you still love me?. . . Why aren’t you talking?. . . Do you think we can fix this?. . . are all examples of the questions you might need to ask your partner. Of course it is easier to avoid these stressful questions, but you need to learn the truth about your relationship before you can plan how to fix it.

Initiate Solutions Rejection can be a hard pill to swallow, and because of this it is easy to avoid suggesting things that may be rejected by your partner. In order to solve relationship problems you can’t be intimidated by rejection. Simple suggestions such as going to dinner, or out for a movie, may seem ridiculous if you are fighting, but breaking the ice can help begin the healing process. For more serious problems, you might have to be more creative or seek professional therapy. The key is to initiate a solution. You can’t expect to wait for things to get better, or wait for your partner to make the first move. If you value your relationship then you should be willing to do everything you can to fix it.

Be Persistent Even once you have started to confront your issues and offered solutions, you still need to follow through until you get the results you want. Don’t let your partner off the hook by letting them say “I will look into it" or “We can start tomorrow". It is fine if they actually plan on doing things, but be sure to inform them that you will be following up about it. Anyone can create a good excuse for missing one or two deadlines, but eventually they will be forced to provide some answers. Being persistent does require some sensitivity when used in a troubled relationship. Be sure not to use a hostile tone when communicating with your partner. More importantly, explain to them how much it means to you for them to respect you opinions and ideas.

The key to solving any form of relationship trouble is to be proactive. The longer you allow problems to simmer, the worse they will become. By engaging the issue with your partner you can begin to improve you relationship. No matter how hard you try, sometimes a solution will still seem out of reach. For theses instances you need to turn to someone who has the experience necessary to help you. Cucan Pemo is one of the world’s best selling relationship authors. You can harness the power of her Four Step Strategy to Win Back the Love of Your Life

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