How to Make a Wedding Theme Come Alive

Jeanette Shinn

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Jenna wanted a garden wedding theme. She'd had her heart set on it since she was twelve years old. Fortunately, Robert, her fiance, was agreeable to the idea so together they set out to plan and execute their garden wedding theme. They worked their tail off, but in the end it turned out to be just like every other wedding held outdoors. Pretty, but not memorable. What went wrong?

Far too often brides decide they want a particular wedding theme and they stop there. Unfortunately, there, wherever that is, is rarely a good stopping place because the first ideas we have in just about anything is invariably too general. It's like trying to scoop sand with a sieve. This is especially true when we are talking about choosing a theme to design an event around.

The trick to planning any kind of themed wedding is to narrow your focus.

As a result, a bride should ask herself which specific aspects of their initial theme idea they like. For example, if Jenna wanted to her garden themed wedding, what specifically are they thinking of when they think of a garden wedding? What about the garden wedding excites them? There are so many possibilities.

Calla Lilies
English Gardens
Victorian Gardens
Forrest Meadows

The possibilities are nearly endless - even just within the garden wedding theme! And even within the theme options I listed above you could, and might want to, get more specific to weave a specific visual or olfactory theme into your wedding preparations.

Why take the time?

The natural inclination is to ask if it is useful to hone the theme down to a specific wedding theme. The answer is yes. How are you going to know if the decorations you find will work with the rest of your wedding decor and accessories else unless you have a very specific idea of just what you want.

Remember Jenna's garden wedding? She found a picturesque garden for the location, rented a tent, a flower covered gazebo, some white chairs, and carried a bouquet of daisies. It was a pretty wedding. There were no disasters; but it wasn't everything it easily could have been.

By choosing a specific theme within the garden wedding theme, however, it would have been much easier to search for decor to take that ordinary garden wedding and make it extraordinary. Do a search for butterfly decor on the internet, for example. It will save you a ton of time over wading through all the garden decor out there. Or doves. Or Calla Lilies.

The same is true for your wedding favors by choosing favors that tie directly to your theme you have:

Easier internet searches.

Keepsakes that will be tied to your wedding in your guest minds.

Favors that double as a part of your decor.

And the good news is that you might, depending on the specific theme you chose, be able to choose a less expensive venue for your nuptials than you would otherwise - because the less expensive one fits your theme better!

The point is that the key to building a theme wedding is focus. Generally, your first wedding theme idea is entirely too broad. But by zeroing in on a specific aspect of your idea you can create a wedding theme that will be remembered for years to come.

Jeanette Shinn is a wedding professional with over a dozen years experience making dreams come alive. Find tons of useful wedding planning tips and a wide variety of themed wedding favors options at


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