Anna Nicole Smith's Baby and Generational Repeat


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The events and circumstances surrounding our birth affect us throughout our lives, and repeat generation after generation. That's just the way it is. It's like that for you. It's like that for me, and it's like that for Dannielyn.

Tomorrow the Bahamian courts will begin to evaluate the custody of Dannielyn, and then make a crucial decision about the fate of this 6 month old baby, born to Anna Nicole Smith. now deceased. While the public remains glued to the television screens, anticipating the expected outcome, questions will surface about the role of grandparents, and fathers in child rearing. While the public expects the fate of child rearing, to be decided by the courts, the ultimate outcome will be decided by the relationship between the caregivers. The acceptance of this outcome, will affect this child throughout her life. If Vergie, the grandmother, and, Larry the father stay cooperative, life for Dannielyn will be better, then if they do not. All of which brings me to a very key point about the impact of “birth", and how it affects us, throughout our lives.

From the moment of birth, this baby has been thrown into the eyes of the public. Beginning with the death of her brother, the death of her mother, the unanswered questions about paternity, the wealth dispursement of her mother's former husband Howard Marshall, and the role of grandparents in raising children, questions have swirled around this baby.

If I possessed a crystal ball, I would presume that when this child grows up, and has children of her own, one will die, and another will be born with questions about paternity surrounding it. If the grandparents and parents, expect differences to arise between them, and agree to disagree, the child will fare better, then if they don't. If they don't, we can expect Danielyn to have children, with disputes between grandparents, and parents, and these issues will be duplicated from one generation to the next.

We are destined to repeat that which we don't accept or understand, until we learn to accept it, or understand it. Generations repeat. It's like that for you. It's like that for me, and it's like that for Danielyn. It's just the way it is.

I developed a model applying teddybears to explore generational repeat. I have organized the teachings into a total toolkit to provide you with a model of exploring generational patterns. I provide life coaching, and family coaching services to explore relationship problems and solutions. I offer training to health care providers in how to apply teddy bears to teach about generational repeat. I invite you to visit my website at and purchase this toolkit for your group or practice, or to utilize the life coaching services.

About the Author

Tammy Stoner is a licensed clinical social worker and trained family therapist. She developed the Teddy Bear Technique® following the sudden and unexpected death of a spouse and discovered a very fast method of generating treatment results when exploring family systems. She has authored a book called The Seven Minute Social Worker, and has published many articles. She has been featured on television and radio, and in newspapers throughout the USA.


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