How To Initiate Sexual Contact With a Woman


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As you probably know, closing the deal with a woman can be quite challenging.

First you have to make sure she is attracted to you, then she has to trust you enough to go back to your place, finally you have to know how to initiate *** contact.

So what happens if you managed to complete the first two steps and have a woman back at your house?

Well that's the dilemma!

Many guys are great at attracting a woman and bringing her back to their home, but they're clueless about what to do next! The problem is these guys are unsure of their actions and don't know how to take that first step towards initiating sex.

Well I'll give you a little clue on how to start…

You KISS her!

Yes! Kissing her is the ONLY way to get things moving towards having success.

But there is a big problem: You can't start mauling a girl the moment she steps foot into your home. Instead you have to do a few things.

First you have to maintain trust.

When a woman arrives at your house, she has shown you a level of trust. For many of them, walking inside the house involves being comfortable with the fact that you're a normal, sane person.

The best way to build trust is during the date or time before you go back to your home. What you should do is talk about something you want to show her at your house. Talk about it in a casual, non-pressuring way. Then when you've arrived at your house, tell you'll show it to her, but she also can't stay that long.

This technique works well because you're giving her a clear purpose for coming inside. In addition, you're making it seem like she'll only be staying for a few minutes. Even if she subconsciously knows what you're about to do, she'll at least have a pretense for coming to your house.

Now once she is inside your home, you have to continue with this trust and comfort building. The best way to start this is spend a few minutes being a good host. This should include giving her a tour of your house, showing her interesting things, and making her a drink.

Then when she is comfortable, show her the item that you talked about.

There are a few important keys to ensuring this technique works:

1) Make sure the item is inside your bedroom 2) Have other interesting items within your room (Just in case you run out of things to talk about) 3) Only have a bed in the room (Don't provide chairs for her)

What you want to do is show her whatever you talked about and continue the small talk for at least 15 minutes. Again, you're trying to make her comfortable.

Once she is relaxed, you can transition into initiating kissing.

The important thing about kissing is she's already demonstrated many signs that she's into you, so you don't have to be nervous or shy. Your best move is to try the direct approach and start kissing her. If you can't find a way to do that, you can create some sort of pretense to show her something and then start kissing her when you're close.

Obviously, once you've started to kiss her, you can let nature take its course and move towards having sex.

This system for initiating *** contact works well because it allows you to build comfort while gaining her trust. You can use it show her that you're a fun guy and to put her in the mindset of moving towards sex.

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