42 Things That Upset Me - How Many Upset You?

Matthew Robert Payne

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This is a list of things I wrote that upset me. It was written while I was in hospital in March 2006 when I went of my medication for Bipolar disorder believing I was healed.

1 I am upset that my family cannot accept my anointing or my future with Christ.

2. I am upset that a prophet has no honor in his home town and his own family.

3. I am upset that my two closest friends have mental illness like me.

4. I am upset that the church wants to go home in a rapture but few have the power of Elijah or the set apart life of Elijah but want the same reward, meanwhile the whole of creation yearns for the sons of God to be manifested.

5. I am upset when the great falling away has happened WITHIN the church and many have fallen into perdition, yet the church proclaims this is their golden age and are ready to go to the wedding supper.

6. I am upset when Paul is taught in the churches, but not obeyed or understood and many are led astray in the false teaching and yet those who are wise are fools and the foolish who are wise are not allowed to speak.

7. I am upset that all through the Old Testament people turned to foreign gods and were judged and yet the modern Christians think you can serve mammon and God and still be blessed.

8. I am upset that people only love me when I am present with them and many who love me and could have written to me have not while I was locked in hospital.

9. I am upset that many Christians fear me more then God and fear demons and false prophets more then God.

10. I am upset that the church don’t believe in holiness or teach it much because they would have to live up to their message.

11. I am upset that many people say they believe in Jesus but won’t sell everything to buy the pearl of great price as in the parable.

12. I am upset that the world by in large think they are going to heaven for being good and the good Christians have not got the courage to tell them they are wrong.

13. I am upset that the Word of God has become a commodity that can be sold and I am upset very few Christians have stuff for free on the Internet.

14. I am upset when a person thinks they have to be called a priest or a missionary to share the gospel with another country and yet have a testimony that could save lives but they do nothing with it.

15. I am upset when I find the average Christian does not really care if people they do not know go to hell.

16. I am upset with people who sit in church and listen to the same old blind leading the blind and don’t get up and make some noise about the truth in church and cause a scene.

17. I am upset when the best two young Christians I know are not going to church because very time they open their mouth they are thrown out of church.

18. I am upset by the false gospel being preached today that the Christian life is a free gift and easy and the best way to live, when salvation is tough and hard and very hard to live.

19. I am upset that the scripture is true that even your family and friends may turn on you.

20. I am upset that modern apostles have to introduce themselves as Pastor such and such to be accepted.

21. I am upset that all the friends of yours know your worst faults before you do sometimes and yet none of them seem to want to come alongside and help you.

22. I am upset that false teachers run multi national churches and mega churches and sell millions of dollars worth of book and many of my Christian brothers and sisters eat it all up.

23. I am upset that people would rather talk about sport with their workmates then Jesus Christ.

24. I am upset that there is little faith in the world today as predicted.

25. I am upset that I am experiencing a famine for hearing the Word of God and some of the best sermons I hear are the prophetic words I give.

26. I am upset that sometimes I need to prophesy to hear Jesus comfort another and me as I speak.

27. I am upset that the Word of God cuts me so deep but has no real effect on others it seems.

28. I am upset that my country breaks seven out of the Ten Commandments in legislation but no one is screaming about it.

29. I am upset because everyone thinks they like Paul, but no one seems to do what he does.

30. I am upset everyone seems to finish their prayers in Jesus name, but few people know Jesus.

31. I am upset that the end of the world is here and the Christian’s are saying let’s eat, drink and be merry.

32. I am upset the only days abortions do not happen in my country are on public holidays.

33. I am upset because people have no power in the church to wrought miracles and no faith to show signs and wonders.

34. I am upset that only 5% of Australian’s got to church and 4% practice man’s teachings and don’t know the Word of God.

35. I am upset that Christians don’t practice being full of grace and love.

36. I am upset because Christ said it would be like this and all of this makes me cry as people cannot see it for what it is.

37. I would be upset if God allowed a rapture now when many un saved are searching.

38. I am upset that nay paper you pick up can have an advertisement for physics you can ring but no church offers free prophecy in the same paper.

39. I am upset that people don’t seem to use prophesy with non Christians like Jesus did with the women at the well.

40. I am upset because people don’t seem to care.

41. I am upset that Sydney is very cold toward the Gospel.

42. I am upset that many Christians fear Satan more than they fear God.

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