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Okay you’re squeamish about the online dating thing. Good thing. Common sense tells you that the best way to meet that someone special is face to face. Your perfect date is out there you just need to know where to look.

She’s the gal who loves sports. You like sports too so it stands to reason that you should have run in to her by now. After all, they know you by name at your nothing-but-ESPN-and-drinking-establishment. But next time you are at your favorite watering hole, look around—it’s mostly guys. So reach out a bit and attend one of those ladies night things. Sure, all your buddies will laugh, but chances are, you’ll meet a feminine Monday night football companion if you attend functions where the women are.

She’s the homebody who’s happy with her sofa. Aside from visiting the addresses of all the furniture stores’ latest chaise deliveries to single women in the area, you’ll have to be creative to find this one. Write a personal just for her. Attention Lovely Homebodies: Come out of hiding! Or maybe she’s a fan of 24 just like you—check out the blogs and fan sites. She just may be closer than you think.

She’s a geek who can fix your stupid computer in a nanosecond. Bill Gates had a few female friends back in the day, eating pizza and drinking Pepsi and typing code for hours. So that’s proof that geekettes exist. They love Star Trek as much as you. So attend a technology convention have a geekend with someone special. Girls get giggly over Bluetooth as much as you.

She’s an English teacher who loves Tom Wolf. Think man, think. Where would a high class lady like this be? Writing seminars, literary conferences, book signings; she’ll have her own chair in Barnes & Nobel’s. She’ll enter writing contests or have published under a pseudonym. You’re a hunter, so prowl around in the classics’ section of your favorite book store. And scope out a few coffee houses.

Bernadette Sukley is a freelance writer with an eye towards the quirky. Her work has appeared in Sports Illustrated for Women, ABROAD and Trying to find that oddball fact? Or just love the unique? She does too. Contact: and


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The Perfect First Date Meal For The Culinary Illiterate
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