Perfection - Man's Attempt At Godhood


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Is perfection possible? Is man as a collective or singular entity capable of perfection? What is perfection anyway?

These questions have been philosophical dilemmas for ages, and some of humankind’s greatest minds have attempted to answer them.

With all humility, this article will not attempt to answer what Aristotle, Sophocles, and Plato could not.

Instead, it will take the reader on a tour of how we perceive perfection, and in it, find man’s attempt at Godhood.

What Is Perfection?

If we use language to understand what perfection is, from the Latin (and taken from the Greek), it means something that is finished, or complete. Aristotle was a bit more exact, as the Greek word for it is teleos (finished). Aristotle explained that for something to be teleos (perfect) it must.

  • Be competed, with all necessary components, and

  • Have the quality of being something of the kind that nothing could be better, and

  • Had attained its purpose.

    To the mind of this greatest of all thinkers, this was perfection. Other great thinkers and most people attribute perfection only to God and His works, which are perfect.

    Analogy in Everyday Life

    Which one of us would not wish to be perfect? Such an ideal thought. However, we have certain analogies in everyday life to guide our thoughts.

    When simple carbon, but means of heat and pressure, crystallizes into a diamond, we feel that carbon has reached perfection.

    Note: Actually R. Buckminster Fuller felt carbon had reached its perfection in Fullerene.

    It’s a good analogy anyway to point out that simple carbon reaches perfect in its completeness as diamond.

    Saints of All Religions

    What is a saint? Is he or she a perfect person?

    This is a hard question, but in fact, a saint is usually someone who has, like the carbon, been transformed into some complete state which we would perceive as being perfect.

    It does not matter what religion is viewed, their saints are always people who had by the example of their lives, attained some sort of perfection.

    Is Perfection and Imitation of God?

    By simple reasoning, if most of us consider as God (or the Creator, or the Universe, or Higher Power, whatever someone wishes to call it) as perfect, then if a person by the example of their own life becoming perfect is imitating God.

    That means if one person can do it, all people can do it. The logic carried on, that means that all of us are potential saints. We all have the power to imitate God by making ourselves perfect.

    Man’s Attempt at Godhood

    Literally all esoteric religious thought, and even mainstream religious thought sometimes, gives us the impression that we all have godlike powers.

    The power of creation, though the use of thought has been widely discussed and is a very popular subject today.

    If we consciously understand the universal principle of love, and its role in creation, and added to that our own affinity to the creator of the universe, then being perfect can also be called our personal attempt at Godhood. Its all possible.


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