Whale Watching In Nevada

Joseph Malek

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For some people, the absolutely best place to watch whales is Las Vegas, Nevada. In that place, whales are people who bet huge amounts of money for the chance to win even larger amounts of money. Wow! I once saw a person lose $30,000 in less than 10 seconds. As the old saying goes: “Easy come, easy go. " At the same time, tens of millions of people in other parts of the World are slowly starving to death.

Has everyone lost their mind, or are we all suffering from a misplaced sense of values? What exactly is the purpose of those billion dollar casinos and the super rich people who built them? Truly, those casinos weren't built for the purpose of making their customers rich. Sure, someone has to win so that those casinos can continue to draw people to their place of business. Yes, they are all in the business of making money one way or another, and that's why every game in the casino favors the house as the overall winner.

Sooner or later, every person who likes to gamble away their hard earned money will end up a loser. Me, after several trips to that, “City of Sin, " I just about broke even. It is true that, for the right price, a person can buy almost anything you can think of. Everyone of my trips to that place was a truly unique experience.

Then again, maybe my next trip will be for the purpose of watching the real whales. You see, those whales are certainly bigger and more graceful than the Las Vegas species of mammals. Also, instead of being taken up the river, you get a most pleasant ride on the ocean and plenty of fresh air as well.


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