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4 Secrets for Passing Women's Tests


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As you probably know by now, the dating game can be quite brutal.

While you might want to be a nice and honest guy, there are many times when being straightforward will hurt you chances of being successful at dating. This is especially true when it comes to attracting women.

Now we all want to impress women, but I'm going to let you in on a little secret…

Women are ALWAYS judging men!

When you first meet a woman, she'll quickly base her decision on what you say and how you handle her tests. If you fail one these tests, you'll have little chance of attracting her or setting up a date.

That's why knowing how to pass a women's tests is mandatory. .

In the next few minutes, you'll learn the real secrets to passing women's tests. By being able to identify and counteract their tests you won't be trapped into a situation where a woman can control and manipulate you.

Here we go…

Understand the woman

The first step to passing a woman's test is to understand what type of woman you're dealing with.

By now, you probably know that all women are different. Some will be easy going and honest. And others will have a darker nature and will love to play games with you.

So if you're faced with a woman who is testing you, try to quickly find out if this is a major part of her personality. If you discover she is the type of women who makes outlandish requests or acts like a drama queen, then you know you're probably dealing with a woman who LOVES to test guys.

My advice is to steer clear of these type of women.

Anybody with this type of personality, who is always testing guys, usually has emotional baggage. If you're with a woman like this, she'll probably make your life miserable.

Challenge her tests

Now if you're dealing with a woman who likes test guys once in awhile, then you should take a different approach. My advice is to call her out every time you feel you're being tested.

In other words, if she makes a request or says something you disagree with, don't be afraid to point out what she's doing and mess with her.

Now I hate to say this, but women often make requests from guys to see if they're prone to being manipulated.

For instance, you might encounter a woman who'll boldly say to you “buy me a drink". If you want to pass this test, you simply ignore this request or tell her to buy you a drink because you're an important person to be around.

Now I want to mention that I'm not against doing nice things for women. But you should do them on YOUR terms, not at the whim of some woman's tests.

Qualify her

A great technique for handling a woman is to change around the situation and start testing her. Basically with this technique, you're qualifying a woman to see if she meets YOUR expectations.

What you want to do, is establish your standards in a conversation and tell her what you're not willing (or willing) to put up with. Then steer the conversation towards getting the woman to qualify herself.

I like this technique because it's great for reversing roles and putting you in the power position. If you force her to qualify herself, she'll have little time to give you tests.

Joke around

The final technique for handling women's tests is to never be serious or give a direct answer. Generally women like to test guys as way to judge their personality or social status. In fact some will even be superficial enough to ask you about your car or job.

Your goal is to use answers that will deflect her questions. The way to do this is to never give her a straight answer. That way, she'll know she's dealing with a guy who cannot be tested.

Women's tests are a way for them to make snap decisions about who you are. By using the techniques I've described, you'll be able to pass or ignore your tests. Once this happens, you'll establish yourself as a higher status guy who women want to be around.

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