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Waiting Till You Can Afford To Attract Women

Teddy Shabba

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A common excuse some men like to use to explain why they aren't going out with women is they are too poor to date women right now.

However, this excuse is only good for men who plan on becoming Sugar Daddies, even then learning how to attract women can be a good thing.

Money or being rich can and does attract women.

Given a choice between two men, who are identical in every way, with the exception of one man being rich and the other poor; almost every women will take the rich man over the poor.

Any woman who says different, is lying or lacks the mental capacity to survive long enough to even make a decision like that.

Yet, if given a choice between a man who knows how to create attraction inside of her and a rich man, only a gold digger will choose the rich man; and even then she will do her best to keep the man who creates attraction in her life as well.

If you are reading this right now, and don't know how to attract women, then you have no excuse not to learn how to attract women, right now.

Men who are not ready to learn how to attract women do not read articles about attracting women.

More importantly, learning how to attract women will actually make it much easier to become wealthy as you can focus much more clearly on what it takes to succeed instead of pretending that you are not focusing on attracting women.

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Waiting For Eye Contact to Approach Women
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