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Relationship Questions: Question And Build Your Relationship With These 3 Fun Relationship Questions


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Answer the following relationship questions as honestly as you can. You can have fun as you use these relationship building questions to open your heart and mind to a brighter future in your marriage or romantic partnership.

1. Are we sharing a vision . . . other than television?
Get excited again about your relationship. Make time to talk with your partner about what being together really means to you both. Ask each other relationship questions that gently reveal what you both most love about your relationship. Do not be afraid to discuss what you wish was different. This can help you form clearer goals for the future to meet each partner's needs and wants. Formulate an ideal vision for your relationship which includes specific things you can do together and independently to support and enhance your relationship.

2. Am I pulling my weight or just piling on weight?
True love is earned. It comes with a price-tag of effort, hard work, and daily input. The great thing is that the rewards are almost instant. These relationship questions challenge you to do more to make your relationship passionate, romantic, joyful and fulfilling. Think of your relationship as a personal development program. You have to put as much into your relationship as you can. Effort is required on multiple levels. You need to keep yourself healthy, attractive and interesting to be with. You need to invest in your partner's happiness by taking time to demonstrate how much you appreciate them through compliments, affection, creative gestures, and whole-hearted support and love. Many people seem to just give up once they get ‘hitched’. The truth is that the moment you get married or make a commitment to live together is really the start line for a wonderful adventure in love. You cannot afford to stand still in a relationship. You need to hustle; so get creative and fresh. That is real life. That is real love.

3. Am I loving me enough to love you enough?
Do not burden your partner with the responsibility of making you happy. No-one needs a clinging vine wrapped around their legs. So make sure you are not needy like that. You are responsible for your own happiness. You are an independent being and you have chosen to come together with another independent being to join forces in love and mutual care for each other. This is one of the most fundamental relationship questions and it asks you to fill your own cup to overflowing. That way, you will have lots of love and positivity to share. How you do that will be unique to you. You may rely on organised religion or your own personal philosophy. As long as it gives you a feeling of personal empowerment and joy, it will serve you well in your relationship. Build space into your relationship for supporting and cherishing your own needs as well as nurturing your partner's needs.

Bonus relationship questions. . . and the answers!
There you have it. 3 simple relationship questions that you can use to help build your relationship into something truly wonderful. I will give you a couple of bonus relationship building questions because I am feeling especially generous! The first is, ‘What else can I do to make this relationship even more wonderful?’ and the second is, ‘Who can I look to as an example of how to create a love-filled relationship that goes from strength to strength?’. I think both these questions are answered beautifully within The 50 Secrets of Blissful Relationships . This seems to me to be a truly useful and practical resource of powerful relationship questions and answers - real life solutions derived from studies and interviews with hundreds of happy couples who have created long-term, passionate, loving relationships. Their answers to the grittiest of relationship questions provide an easy-to-follow-and-apply blueprint to lasting happiness and fulfillment in relationships. I trust it will be of great benefit to your relationship.

Want a ‘fairy tale’ relationship? They do exist! Don't miss out! Discover the secrets to a blissful relationship at: providing answeres to all your relationship questions and challenges and giving you a clear set of strategies for building love-filled relationships and marriages that grow more joyful and fulfilling every day!

Copyright 2007 Anne Amore ~ May you be now and forever blessed with love. So it is.


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