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People are not sure what their roles are in life and that is understandable. But it is clear to me that everyone knows when they make a mistake and instantly wish they had done it the other way. While it is obvious that life is so unpredictable, that we are part of the equation is also obvious, which is why men suffer what they did not initiate?

I got a reaction to my last post in my blog, “God is Responsible, ” as follows:

“You've lost me, Jackson. While there are definitely benefits to be found in thinking toward the positive rather than the negative (and acting accordingly), the philosophy behind ‘The Secret’ seems to indicate something further - as if we were truly able to create our own reality.

It's true that thoughts and actions bring results. Negative thoughts and negative actions will bring negative results. However, sometimes we can be doing all the ‘right’ things, thinking all the ‘right’ thoughts, yet life does not work the way we thought it would.

We do not create our own reality. We are not our own god. ”

I agree with this guy that we cannot be our own gods, but God helps those who are up and doing, they say. I bet my friend did not ask God to help him write his views on this matter, he wrote his thoughts out for us to read.

We are co-creators with God in both good and evil. God will help you shine your light, just as He will help you dim it according to the choices you make.

It is true that a creature cannot have an original idea since that will be with the Master mind, but it is also obvious that our realities are not exactly ready made; we play important roles for our realities to manifest according to the original idea of opposites - from which everyone is free to choose.

If you believe in God, believe also in yourself, your capabilities, and your ambitions, which are parts of the divine creation. “The Secret” is about doing things right, against all odds by exploiting your inner positive force.

It is better to fantasise than to brood. All the things you see that are manmade were first virtualized, the thoughts took form, before being brought into reality through the affirmative actions of the inventors.

I dare say that God or the SOURCE did exactly the same in creating the Universe and all that it contains. He must have virtualized everything about creation before he said BE or whatever he did to bring everything about.

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