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Matthew Robert Payne

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Dear beloved

I once taught that a man who stands on my teachings and obeys my teachings is like a man who builds his house upon a rock.

You have weathered many storms the enemy has sent your way and you have endured temptation and my friend I am happy that your life is built upon the rock which is found in my Word.

I am a mighty creator and an awesome man to know. I have all of your life in my hands and I know every thought that enters your mind and I am with you in the days of trails silently working with you and the scripture you know to fight the good fight of faith.

You are a warrior in my kingdom and you serve me mightily with your prayers. You bring love to the unloved and hope to the hopeless and in you I find much delight. You are a loyal follower and one that sings to me with a heart of truth. You not only honor me with your lips but your heart is steadfastly behind me and this manifests in your actions before both the believer and the non believer.

Your faith is astounding and I test that faith to make it stronger. I delight to have you as my bride and I look forward to speaking to you one day face to face. I heard you express one day that you would like an email off me and it’s today I have asked my servant and your beloved brother to bring my word. It’s your faith and your willingness to hear from me and to do my will that has afforded this and it’s his obedience and love for you that fights his fears of bringing the prophetic to his own sister. But before I go on too much , my Father, the Almighty has some things to say to you.

Dear daughter of mine own heart.

In your time with me you have prayed many prayers to me and asked that you could be changed into the likeness of many of the past servants of mine that I manifested my glory in. Chief of those servants that you have requested to be like is my beloved Son Jesus who has been exalted above all of creation.

But today I want to speak to you of Job a servant and a story my friend and your brother had a hard time reading and has only has read it twice in his life. I do this to share with you some truth and also to confirm with my servant that what he says is true on this subject.

There are few men on earth that I ever boast about. There are not many men in each generation that hold onto my word and live it in such a magnificent way such as to bring me great glory among those that they live with.

Many people put me in a box Carmen. Some people never come to understand me on this earth and few ever come into a really deep and deeper walk with me. On one hand they might say they can’t understand me and then on the other they judge me according to what human fathers are like.

Well I am a father who liked to see his children happy and happiness is walking in my ways and walking in my will. Happiness is waking up with me and going to bed with me and walking with me each day as the day progresses.

Job was such a man and he was so in love with me his love for me made him righteous. For all right living and all that is Holy comes from a man’s love for his creator. He was so good I boasted of Him to Satan and you know the rest of the story.

Do you know why Job suffered?

Because he was righteous. There was another man who suffered worse then Job and that was my son.

You see my daughter the way to righteous living is paved through suffering. The more glory that you want to give to me in your life the more temptations and trials and suffering that will come into your life.

People all like the happy ending with Job and like to make it clear that he had twice as much when I had finished then when he started, but very few people would endure that hardship without getting angry with me.

My friend three people have prophesied over Matthews life and said he has more suffering ahead, three people he respects as to their word from me being credible. Your poor brother will simply be crying until the day he dies one person has told him.

My daughter, hardship is something many will draw away from and many people make up a lukewarm body simply because living the Christian life is too hard for them. They choose religion over relationship, they choose to honor me with their lips but their hearts are far from me.

I have watched you over the years and seen your grow from a place of pain into a mature Godly obedient woman who loves my Son and brings glory to His mighty name.

Some people you have known for short periods of time over your life will never be the same because you knew them. I have used you in mighty ways that you are simply unaware of even in the midst of your pain in insecurity of your younger years.

You have touched many people and I have used you in ways you do not know. Some people’s faith is stronger because of you some people pray to me and ask me that they could be more like you. You have many people watching you and many people are held up spiritually in your prayers.

If you could only grasp how precious one soul is to me entering the kingdom of heaven and if you could only know how if you died today that my Son would welcome you with a big hug and say what he thinks of you and show you a party prepared for you for the great work you have done…. then you would cease from striving. If you and your beloved husband died tonight you would have achieved more then most Christians.

More of my Son. You want more of my son and you want to be conformed more each day into his image. That is your prayer and that is my will for you. That is the big picture.

Do you know what I lack?

I lack people who want to carry a cross like my beloved did for me and you.

He told his people to love everyone just as he loved them and if believers around the world simply did that then the world as you know it would be a whole lot different.

But I am an awesome God. And with a few prophets and a few good prayer warriors, I can shake and sift any nation. Indeed many of my biggest feats came through the faith of just one man and my power.

I am tired of the bloodshed. I am tired of millions of people streaming into hell. I am tired of all the abuse going on in this world you live upon. I am tired of the suffering and the crying out of the people who are losing their life for their faith in me. I am tired of injustice and tired of mankind being so full of pride in his own wisdom and technology and knowledge.

Don’t you know that I just want my son to reign and bring peace to earth?

I am not slack. I am not stupid.

I just need the world saved before He comes

And how can the average aussie save anyone just playing church?

Oh I long for more like you my daughter. “Here I am Lord use me. Here I am Lord mould me. " You gave me permission.

Oh if the world just knew my pain. If the Christian church could just get a handle on that pain it causes me every time they point the finger at a sinner whilst they have a plank in their own eyes!

Oh if they could all just go to pubs every Sunday night after church and share a few orange juices with the sinners and ask them is there anything they could pray for them about and then meet them the next week to find out the answers to their prayers.

Oh if Christians could just treat the women who is in her sixth relationship with the love and courtesy of my son without condemning her for her obvious sin.

Oh my friend if they only knew my heart aches for the lost and the broken hearted and that my people are waiting on the hi-ways and the by-ways and quite willing to come to the kings supper.

If the people who are called by my name would only humble themselves and repent in sackcloth and ashes and cry to me for a fresh wave of my Spirit, I would long to bring it. Oh how I love you my friend. You pray sometimes with timidity wondering if you are asking too much and your prayers are moving mountains. It’s not in the way that I do things that should make a difference it’s whether I do them at all.

You re faithful to me and I am a God who is faithful to my word. If I have promised something I will accomplish it. Have faith in the Word of God and in my words that I speak to you. Walk in my Spirit and walk with hope focussed on me.

I long to bring you home to me and show you all that I have prepared for you. Be diligent and use the talents I allot to you. Invest wisely and you will bear a good yield.

Remember much of your fruit will never be known until you are in heaven but everyones work will be tried by the fire. See to it that you don’t share half the gospel with people. Tell them of the cross and the hardship. Tell them of my love for them

Share any of this with anyone you love. Bless your brothers and spend extra time and energy with those who don’t know me yet. Be of good courage and stand firm on my word which will endure past the tribulation and into eternity. Be sure that I will always supply all your needs according to my will in your life.

Don’t covet anything of the world. Be content with what you have and walk daily in my word and my sons ways. Listen to my Spirit as I lead you into a deeper and more fulfilling walk with me. Explore with me the hidden riches of fellowship with the whole trinity.

Accept with humility every gift offered to you, share your dreams with the people you love and never be afraid of letting a person help you with that dream. Encourage others into a deeper and richer walk with me and move closer to me as I draw closer to you.

Don’t despise the suffering of my son or the fellowship of his suffering knowing that all of this will build character in you and bring glory to my name. Be bold in proclaiming my name among the gentiles and let my sons name be evident in every thing you do. Do not despise the small things. Be content with the lowest seat and don’t wish for glory to your name among men.

Be happy to accept mocking and risk being so sold out that people call you weird. Don’t throw your pearls before swine but please don’t neglect to share the deeper and encouraging truths you find with those that you will know will benefit. If you are in doubt whether to share it ask for confirmation and then when you have it share it.

The reason most people don’t share the good news is that they have for the most part never been encouraged to do it in any practical way and also they don’t consider the Christians life fantastic news. There is a joy in the journey as Michael Card sings, there is joy in knowing the living God and being able to type his words in faith to ones sister.

Pray for your brother Rodney that my hand would continually be upon him and pray for your father that he would continue to seek my face no matter the cost. Pray for your Grandmother that I would grant her a vision and pray that your brother Matthew may endure the fiery trails that we have for him in the refining.

Your name is recorded in my book of life and all your prayers are here in my little email box from you my daughter.

I long to use you as much and more then you long to be used. None of your life has been wasted and you are pure in my sight. I am very proud of you and if you’ll agree to more suffering I will draw you closer.

Refiners fire My hearts one desire Is to be like You

It’s a song that you prayed to me one day in tears running down your cheeks. You remember that day, in fact you have sung this song to me many times and many times you have prayed it

I have heard your prayer and I will refine you. Be content to stay for the ride. It has great rewards.


Your Father

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