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How do you know that she’s interested? Will her lips lie? How do you know you’re likely to get a second date? Body language speaks louder than words, here’s how to read your date.

Eyes. Look into her eyes when you ask a question. When a person lies they will look up and to the left and their pupils will constrict. If the pupils dilate it indicates the focusing of attention or someone just dimmed the lights. If your date is left handed, forget it—she may look up and to either the right to the left.

Hair flipping. It may seem like a gesture of boredom or a bad habit but some women have a tendency to flip back their hair with their hand or a toss of the head to indicate interest. She may also twirl it or play with it while talking to you. It’s called preening. It’s good news for you.

Crossing legs. Unlike crossing arms which is a sign that the person is protecting themselves or isn’t open to your point of view, crossing legs especially in women is a sign that your date is paying attention. Fidgeting means a lot of energy-that’s a good thing.

Profiles. It may look as though she’s turning her body away from you but really what she’s doing is offering you a look at her best side. Her chin will be up, her shoulders back. She’ll unconsciously expose her skin; her neck and shoulders if she’s really into you. Otherwise, she’ll tilt her head down and cover up as much as she can with her arms or props, like her purse or the waiter.

Lips. Hey, a kiss may still be a kiss, but there’s something to the lips—they rarely lie. If she’s ready for your kiss, her lips will soften and flatten. If it’s just an automatic motion, the lips will be slightly rigid. If she uses her tongue, it’s a good bet she’ll want to see you again.

Bernadette Sukley is a freelance writer with an eye towards the quirky. Her work has appeared in Sports Illustrated for Women, ABROAD and Trying to find that oddball fact? Or just love the unique? She does too. Contact: and


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