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Relationships - 5 Steps To Improving Your Chances Of Finding The Right Mate

Bob Crane

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It’s seven o’clock in the evening and you are all excited because you met someone earlier in the day that you are about to go out on a date with. The suspense builds until you finally meet at a local restaurant. Once you get seated you start talking about each your day and the significant events that each of you had and so on. The evening proceeds great and you look forward to going out with this person again.

After a few more dinner dates you decide that you would like to go to the annual home and patio show coming to town this weekend. You ask your new friend if about going and you notice a hesitant response but he agrees to go with you so you can be together. After that response you kind of feel strange about going to the home and patio show if your friend isn’t going to enjoy himself. You don’t want to be selfish just because you are interested in different things you can do to spruce up a home that doesn’t mean that everyone else is. So you change your mind and ask your mate what he would rather to do this weekend and he says that he would just like to hang around the house and relax after the hectic week he has just had. He just needs a rest. You, on the other hand, feel that you would relax and enjoy the home and patio show to help you unwind from your week at work, but to keep him happy you decide to stay home. You start to think about the relationship and how you like having someone in your life, but you realize that something is missing.

There is just an emptiness that you just can’t put your finger on. You especially felt it when he started talking about marriage and having a family with you. Thoughts began to rush through your mind that sort of conflicted with each other like the fact that it is great to be with someone and you wouldn’t have to worry about being alone and risking not finding someone to love and love you back. But, you know that there is just something missing in this relationship that is hard to pin point. After all, he has a great job and makes a lot of money and he wants to have a family what more could I want you ask. So what if he doesn’t really like doing many of the things that you like to do. Maybe those are immature things anyway you think as you try to justify dismissing what you like to do in favor of what he likes to do. You try to justify the fact that all he likes to do on weekends is sleep late and watch TV, something that bores you to death, is really not such a bad thing and you can get used to it, etc…

All right so he is a good guy and makes a lot of money so you think that you will make it work. You are able to deal with the boring time together for about one year when you begin to feel trapped and start getting depressed.

After speaking with many happily married people I noticed five common traits that they all have in common:

1) They never got physically involved with each other until after they were married which allowed them to date each other and really get to know what each other on a deeper level than they otherwise would have been able to.

2) They met initially doing something that they liked to do. They never used a dating service or any other means of an artificial meeting. By meeting each other doing something that they both enjoyed helped to bond their relationship from the start.

3) Realizing that every day is not a good day for everybody they gave each other their space if one was a little grouchy. Hey, sometimes you just wake up on the wrong side of the bad for no real reason. They were secure enough in their relationship not to think that the grouchiness was about them.

4) They worked together and supported each other so they could each realize their dreams. The wife of one of the couples really wanted to go back to school to become a physician but because of the expense it was a challenge. They both sat down and came up with a plan to make it work so she could realize her dreams. They had to sacrifice for a few years but in the long run it was worth it to them to work together and help each other be happy.

5) The fifth and probably one of the most important things is that they rarely watched TV when they were around each other. Instead they used the time to do things together and talk to each other. They took walks in the evenings to relax and keep in shape and to talk about things important to them.

The fast pace of life nowadays makes it more necessary than in the past for couples to have a strong relationship. There is no longer any time to have good friends that you could go out and do things with that interested you as in the past. There just isn’t enough time in the day or week. The demands of work and commuting take a whole lot more time out of your day than they used to leaving precious little time to be with your family let alone a friend. So making your relationships more productive is necessary to help ensure that you have a home that you look forward to returning to at the end of the day. Having a mate that is interested in you and thinks and cares about you is a benefit that cannot be put in words.

So if you are looking for that special someone just keep doing the things that you like to do and going to place that you like. Above all be patient. Before you know it you will strike-up a conversation with someone at a home and patio show, for example, and the rest will fall into place when the time is right. It will be well worth the effort and the wait.

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