Passover Gifts-What Does This One Signify?


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Which one am I talking about? The Seder plate. The Seder plate and its contents go back thousands of years ago to the Passover and when the Jews left Egypt. It is not the actual Seder plate than has the spiritual meaning, but rather the contents of this wonderful plate.

There are six items on this plate, with their own symbolic Passover meaning. The first and second items are Bitter herbs. These bitter herbs are meant to represent the suffering and terrible time that the Jews had in Egypt as slaves. Usually a type of vegetable that is bitter tasting is used in this case.

Then there is a roasted skankbone of a lamb which in our time can sometimes be represented by a chicken neck This skankbone’s significance is to help the Jews remember how the blood of a lamb preserved their first bone children from the angel of death when it came over Egypt. Another meaning is that it represents the lamb which used to be sacrificed in the temple before its destruction.

Next, there is a sugary brown substance called “Charoset” which is meant to represent the mortar the Jews used to build Egyptian structures.

Then there is a vegetable dipped which into salt water. This vegetable is can be many vegetables, but is usually either parsley, celery or a potato. This dipping of the vegetable into water represents all the tears and pain of the Jews in Egypt who could only eat plain foods.

Lastly, there is a roasted egg. After the temple was destroyed, the Jews could no longer do daily sacrifice and this issue is represented by this roasted egg.

The Seder plate makes for an extraordinary Passover gift as it is highly relevant and fitting for the Passover holiday season.

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Teaching Your Children About Passover Can Be Fun if You Use Holiday Crafts
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