Is Solar Energy Reliable?


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Solar power is becoming a way of life for many people across the globe. From isolated communities to inner city suburbs, solar energy is becoming a very popular choice to better the environment.

Solar energy has been in existence ever since life on our planet began. We have been using the strength of the sun in many different ways, past and present. The more modern technique of using solar energy has been through the use of solar panels.

Solar energy is 100% reliable, if our planet did not receive this energy, or if the energy increased or dropped significantly, then the earth would more than likely struggle to support mankind. However, some methods regarding how we use solar energy are by no means 100% reliable.

The more modern method of harnessing solar energy has been through the use of solar panels. The technology used to turn sunlight into electricity is still in its infancy. Newer and better technologies are emerging every year, and one day we can be hopeful that solar panels could easily support a large household in a reliable way.

Many people have had great success using solar panels to power their home, and this can be down to a range of factors. The main problem associated with the reliability of solar panels is the cost. Due to the more expensive panels been out of the price range of your average consumer, more and more people are opting for budget solar cells, which provide a much lower output, resulting in the disappointment of the consumer.

The people who achieve a reliable and efficient power output from solar cells either integrate these solar panels with a small home wind turbine or ground source heat pump.

The “green dream" is by no means a dream. We do have the technology available to provide 100% of a households power supply, yet cost is the bridge that places the green dream a long way away.


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Residential Solar Energy, Solar Cells Types, and the Growth of Silicon Sources ..
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