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Stop Using Funny Pick Up Lines and Use These 4 Conversation Starters


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Imagine this…

You see a good looking woman standing there with her friends. She seems interesting and you really want to make a great first impression. And you know if you say the right line, you'll instantly make a connection that could lead somewhere.

So what should you say to initiate a conversation?

Well if you're smart you WON'T use some pick up line you heard from your friends. Here's why…

The major problem with pick up lines is they don't work for attracting women. In fact, it's widely known that it's better to use a more natural way to initiate conversations with attractive women.

So instead of using a corny pick up line, try a more unique ways to start talking to women. Now if you're having trouble thinking of what to say, try using the following 4 conversation starters:

1) Approach in a normal manner

The old adage is true…

Sometimes the best way to initiate a conversation is to simply approach a woman and introduce yourself. If you can approach her with confidence and avoid the gimmicks used by other guys, you'll impress her with your straightforward manner.

2) Complimentary comment

While using a canned pick up line will get you nowhere, it's still effective to initiate a conversation simply by complimenting a woman. But there's one thing you should remember when using this technique…

ALWAYS compliment a woman on something besides her looks!

By giving her a genuine compliment on something she can control, you'll stand out from the guys. You could try saying a positive comment about her dancing or what she's wearing.

All you have to do is give a compliment which is well thought out and sounds natural.

3) Situational conversation starters

One way to initiate a conversation is to use a ‘situational opener’. It works like this: Whenever you see an unusual event or incident in a public place, you use this event to initiate a conversation with a woman. For instance, if you saw a couple get in a fight and the girl throws a drink on her boyfriend, you can approach a woman who saw this happen and make a joke about their “close relationship".

4) Be cocky and funny

Using the cocky/funny method is an incredible way to meet and attract women.

Created by seduction guru David DeAngelo, the cocky/funny method involves approaching a woman with a slightly arrogant manner but still using funny lines that'll make her laugh. The purpose behind this technique is to give yourself higher status and make HER work for YOUR attention.

Cocky/funny is a great technique because you're not being obvious about picking her up. Instead you're goal is to simply have a conversation while trying to make her laugh.

While some pick up lines may get her talking, the end result usually isn't positive. Instead try initiating a conversation in a more natural manner.

So next time you're trying to initiate a conversation, use one of the four techniques I described in this article. You'll discover they're more effective then using a pick up line.

Want to know the secrets to seducing women ? If so, take a look at Scott Patterson's Free eBook where you'll learn a guaranteed step-by-step system for approaching, attracting and seducing ANY woman.


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