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Twenty One Ways Not to Lead the American People

Dennis Diehl

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It doesn't take a genius, life long politician, political scientist or theologian to come up with the rules that keep every other nation on the planet from hating you, wishing you'd go away and deserve everything that comes your way as a result of your behaviors. To spare future leaders of the American people, and we Americans ourselves, further pain, fear and suffering, may I suggest the following. . .

Rule One: Never kill the residents of other countries, either adults, women, children nor their animals. It ticks them off.

Rule Two: Never destroy people's homes or give them to others. It ticks them off

Rule Three: Never let other countries manipulate you to do what they want instead of what we want. It ticks us off and costs too much.

Rule Four: Never overthrow a duly elected government even if YOU believe it is not in YOUR best interest for them to make the decision they made. It ticks them off

Rule Five: Never underestimate the power of the Internet of intelligent people, to find out what really happened or is happening. It won't work.

Rule Six: Never attempt to liberate a country from the leadership they have learned to live with or have yet to find the reason or courage to liberate themselves from. It ticks them off and gets us killed.

Rule Seven: Never steal an election. It will come to light. It ticks us off.

Rule Eight: Never Tell Americans one thing happened for one reason, when it will become apparent that something else happened for other reasons. It ticks us off.

Rule Nine: Never use the words “the American people want, " or “the American Taxpayers want, " this or that when it's really you saying, “I want, " or “Here use the taxpayers money for that. " It ticks us off.

Rule Ten: Never ever ever say, “I'm the decider, " or “It's my job to make the decisions and it's just your job to go about your business. " It ticks us off.

Rule Eleven: Never discount the input, observations or recommendations of those who specialize in such things as reality, common sense and how things work in the real world of people. It ticks us off.

Rule Twelve: Never wear a flightsuit if you are not willing to do the work of a flightsuit. It ticks us off.

Rule Thirteen: Never lie about anything we suspect you are lying about. We're not stupid.

Rule Fourteen: Never, ever say the result of your leadership is “not my problem" as you leave office. It ticks us off.

Rule Fifteen: Never sign laws into being and then exempt yourself with signing statements. It really ticks us off.

Rule Sixteen: Never include your religious beliefs in government practice and policy. This not only ticks us off but causes us deep concern for most of our fundamental freedoms.

Rule Seventeen: Never try to join religion and government with a bridge. It's a separation and really ticks us off.

Rule Eighteen: Never fail to get seek help or advice when everyone who sees what they see and hears what they hear feels it might be helpful to the over all well being of the entire world. When it's you against everyone else, it scares us and ticks us off.

Rule Nineteen: Never assign new meanings or reasons in the place of the old meanings and reasons that were given but were proved false and no one believes anymore. It ticks us off.

Rule Twenty: Never say you never said something you said at least 40 times publicly.

Rule Twenty One: Never allow two or more members of the same family to hold the office of President of the United States again. America is not into supporting family dynasties with personal agendas and it will really tick us off.


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