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A loving perfect wife? What does a man looks for in a wife?

A wife will make or break her man! There are several Qs that a wife need to understand and master. She must acquire good IQ, be equipped with high EQ, possesses good DQ, and with exceptionally high AQ. She needs MQ and HQ too. She will then be a rare jewel in the family that her husband will treasure!

A wife is a man's chosen lover to be a future mother of his children. She is chosen among all his female friends. Before that she is daughter of her parents too. A well chosen wife will be extremely precious and priceless in the building of another new family. But a wife has her many responsibilities. Recognizing her responsibility is the basic requisite that will put all things right and proper.

How can IQ help a wife?

Good IQ is that of inherited and acquired knowledge. A wife who possesses high IQ will bring personal and family success.

A wife with high IQ brings many benefits to a family. A wise woman can bear good children and rear them up wisely. As a wife, she should be smart enough to recognize the needs of her husband, her parent-in-law and her family on the whole. An intelligent wife will know what is best for the family and herself.

A wife of high IQ can assure the family to be built on solid foundations where children will be well-cared for, well-loved and well-educated to become future great gentlemen and ladies. The art of bringing up young children is a skill itself. If these children are brought up properly, the world will be a better place to live in. Home education is very much emphasized and it is the job of a mother too! A wife is also a mother too.

She must possess the 2 golden keys towards opening her husband's heart. The 2 golden keys were discussed in my precious article. Only then she can succeed as a well-respected, well-loved, well-admired wife!

How can EQ help a wife?

Emotional Quotient is a NEED for a wife in fostering proper relationship within a family and her neighbourhood. All positive emotions that include love, faith, kindness, loyalty, forbearance, patience, trustfulness, courage and understanding have a direct impact on a happy relationship in a family.

True love will be long-suffering, patient and understanding in the awakening of the other's love. The skill towards mastering proper relationship depends on one's concept on love and marriage. The right attitude and thinking is a MUST!. With applicable EQ, a wife will be determined to succeed in bringing up a happy family. She knows the importance of being emotionally stable.

But being emotionally stable is easier said than done. To have equanimity towards pain and joy, hunger and in abundance, richness and poverty, failure or success is extremely difficult to acquire. It is a state of total forbearance that he or she is actually spiritually enlightened to experience so. It is a state of going selfless. It is a state of achieving spiritual health and wealth too.

An angered or hateful wife is a failure herself. Thus one must know that the chief focus of our emotional nourishment, caring and sense of well being goes to hugging. To be hugged close and be told that we are loved will melt hardened hearts. . All fears and misunderstandings will disappear into thin air when one practises the art of appropriate hugging of loved ones.

How can DQ help a wife?

DQ for a wife is ‘LEARNING AND IMPROVING’. A wife who possess DQ is a great TEACHER indeed.

Development Quotient is a quotient where all of us are improving or being improved. A wife willing to learn and master the skills of teaching her children will go to great extend to replenish and equip herself with relevant knowledge and skills to be able to lead their children. Leading by examples is one of the most effective molding and influencing of our children in their early stages.

The importance of improving oneself in all skills in the sculpturing of the family is a great need in creating happy families. Most families are not well-to-do families at the beginning. A strong willed and determined wife will encourage her husband towards moving towards achieving success a step at a time. A wife with DQ will have the wisdom to do work out things together.

How can AQ help a wife?

Adversity Quotient is an ASSET for a wife. Whatever happened, happened for the best. Accept all happenings and challenges as steps towards success.

To be positive is easier said than done. To be able to deal with negatives is even more important. Adversity quotient matures a person to be fearless of any challenges. AQ sometimes come in the form of sickness, accidents, misfortunes, deaths, separations, handicapped and the ability to stay calm and steady in rough seas is such a difficult test. The best ornament is only obtained from the fiercest of fires. Thus describing a someone who dares all challenges will be a better person in quality.

She must have the ability and capability to recognize all small and big tasks, challenges and difficulties. She needs unwavering courage so as to win too. She won't allow herself to fall flat, she won't be discouraged, she won't be disabled, she won't be disappointed, she won't be defeated. She who has high AQ will be a winner, not a whiner. She complained, yes she did, but hidden away from just anyone. She cried, yes, she did, but not in front of anyone.

How can MQ help a wife?

A wife with high morals and discipline will create the right atmosphere of a family. Morals and disciplines come in to put things right and proper. Do the right things before doing the things right.

A wife of high morals and discipline is difficult to find nowadays. Children should be brought up with a rod instead of spoiling them. Sparing the rod will spoil the kids. But a mother will high self-discipline will seek discipline in her children by leading and showing by examples. A wife or a mother should understand the negative impact of certain actions and words not suitable to say or practise.

How can HQ help a wife?

Health Quotient is a MUST that is required of a wife because the whole family health is in her hand. She is the one who hold the purse, purchase the food and cook and serve them on the table.

Her knowledge on personal hygiene, home cleanliness and attaining health on all 4 dimensions of health is in dire need too. She is the one most responsible to maintain a family health by the food she buy and cook. Prevention is better than cure. An ill diet is prepared by the wife. She has the most responsibility in maintaining a healthy family, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Acquiring all the above multiple Qs is a need, thus what we feel is lacking should be replaced immediately. Of course, to be perfect is never easy, but anyway what about learning to be one? For the sake of our children?

Lucy Wong is a health and nutrition consultant. Her interest in health related issues include the development of mental health and achieving 4 levels of health. She is also keen in sharing Multiple Qs, she is also an educator and has written many articles on this subject in her personal column under “alternative health" in Read more about mental health articles in her personal column and discover the secrets of maintaining good mental health. Her personal blog is

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