Some Great Choices For That Memorable Cheap Wedding Favor


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Let’s face it, getting married is expensive! Between the reception and the formal wear, a budget can be shot. When there’s a need for cheap wedding favor choices to help make ends meet while the day still remains special, there are tons of ideas.

The truth is cheap wedding favor choices don’t have to look cheap. Remember, these items are nothing more than little tokens of thanks to place at the seats of each of the guests. They can be as small or as elaborate as a bride and groom desire, but in reality they don’t have to require special financing from a bank. Considering the old standby is a matchbook that’s been engraved, almost anything goes for wedding favors.

Cheap wedding favor choices can include a number of different ideas that don’t necessarily look like they didn’t cost a bundle. Here are some ideas:

* Engraved crystal bells. It’s surprising how little these cheap wedding favor choices actually cost. Only a few dollars each, these are items that many guests will take home and treasure for years to come.

* Personalized candies. Okay, so these cheap wedding favor choices won’t “last a lifetime, " but they sure will be enjoyed for a time. These can include anything from chocolate covered almonds to personalized mini candy bars. The expense can be rather minimal, too.

* Personalized wine. There are some great companies that offer mini bottles of wine for private label sales. This means a wedding invitation or special statement can go on the front of the bottles. This is a really neat idea for a cheap wedding favor that doesn’t have to break the bank if smaller bottles are chosen.

* Homemade items. There are all kinds of cheap wedding favor choices anyone who is a little crafty can create. These items can look absolutely fabulous, too. Everything from small gift baskets to personalized poetry can work well as homemade cheap wedding favor options. Some assembly will be required, but in the right hands some of these ideas can really add a special touch to the festivities.

* Personalized candles. Small votive candles and even larger ones can also be great cheap wedding favor choices. Coming in every color of the rainbow, these can really make place settings stand out, too.

Cheap wedding favor choices are in abundance. There’s no reason to settle for the mundane when in reality almost anything goes. Just have fun picking out the favors and make sure they’re something most guests would enjoy.

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Some Great Options for Cheap Wedding Favors
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