Top Method For Attracting More Women To Your Life


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Want to know a technique that'll help you more attract more women?

Well it's simple…

Just be a guy who is always busy!

Let me explain. . .

Many guys are good at getting phone numbers but have difficulty in following up with a woman and landing a date. What usually happens is the attraction and intrigue you initially built during your initial conversation has faded during the period between grabbing her number and calling her. Typically she has other things happening in her life which demand her attention, so your call has become less important to her.

But there is a way to get her attention while showing her that you have a busy life.

As you probably know women are extremely attracted to men with exciting and interesting lives. She'll be intrigued if you can show her that you have a lot going on in your life. In a way you're demonstrating high value by letting her know that you're not the type of guy who is sitting around the house waiting to talk to her.

In addition by being a busy guy, she'll subconsciously think you might be dating other women. By making her think she has some competition, she'll work hard *make an impression* the next time you see her.

To be a busy guy, you should do the following…

When you initially call her, let her know that you have a lot going on this week, but want to make definite plans on a specific day. Emphasize you want to see her, but you've been busy because “things have been crazy lately".

Once you make plans, cut the conversation short and tell her you have stuff to do. Be vague about what you're doing, but try to make it sound interesting.

Then when you go on a date, mention all the activities that you do. In other works, let her know that you have a busy life. But you're willing to let her be part of it.

Trust me when I say this technique works incredibly well…

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