5 Tips To Getting Your Ex Back


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At some point of our life, we put an end to the relationship, only to realize that we made a mistake by losing the person that we love. If you’ve found yourself in such situation, you have only two possible choices: give up on this relationship and move on with your life or start fighting for your love. No matter which variant did you chose you still have to figure out why this has happened? Analyze where the problem was and address it. This will prevent you from repeating same mistakes in the future, whether you decide to stay with your ex or start a new life with a different partner.

If you have decided that you want to save your relationship, there some useful tips to getting your ex back.

1. First of all, I want you to understand that if you split with your ex there was a big problem or a combination of different problems that led to a breakup. Any problem requires solution. It is not enough to go to your ex and tell him/her that you are sorry and you understand what you have done wrong. You have to prove him/her that this relationship deserves a second chance by showing what can be done.

2. Getting back together, as well as staying together requires a conscious effort. You can start by improving yourself and becoming a better person that your ex can fall in love again. Cultivate the qualities that your beloved one is attracted to.

3. Don’t act too clingy or desperate around your ex, even if you truly miss him or her. It is not going to help. You have to accept full responsibility for your own happiness, by becoming and independent and strong person. If you make another person the center of the Universe and lay your happiness in his/her hands, you lose control over your life. Without getting your power back you can’t change or affect the current situation.

4. After you have acquired a full control, start romancing the person that you love all over again. Awake you ex’s interest to you, by doing things he/she never thought you are capable of, like quitting smoking or going to the opera or signing up for Chinese language course. Make sure, that you are enjoying your life to the fullest, instead of sitting at home and sulking with hurt.

5. When you will get your former boyfriend/girlfriend back, make this relationship a priority in your life. Otherwise in a few months you might return to this article, hoping to win your ex back once again.

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