Your Wedding Photographer: Building a Relationship


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As you read this, be advised it is more of a collection of thought provoking ideas for getting the most from your wedding photographer and your wedding day. You may believe there is more beneficial information to be discussed, but the most important thing to remember is to have a good relationship with the professional you hire.

The biggest and most important day of your life is approaching. As you go through the checklist of your wedding planner, you are thorough and meticulous, making sure all of the events of the day proceed without a hitch. Asking yourself if you have overlooked anything, your brain is focusing near the top of the list. Yes, of course, the photographer.

You are right. Whom you hire to photograph this very important day is a very big decision. It is an extremely essential consideration in knowing the professional photographer you are going to hire. After all, this is the person or persons who will be capturing your full day of events. The memories captured on film during your wedding day will be the ones you keep forever. There are no retakes.

Therefore, it is reasonable to say a lot of trust is bestowed on your photographer. So remember this next point, if nothing else. A photographer should really understand who you and your future spouse are. Convey to him or her exactly what you and your future spouse have in mind.

Accomplish this with an interview and several follow ups to make sure he or she knows exactly how you want your wedding day photographed. Review the wedding location as well as the reception, along with each event you desire to be photographed. If you want videos, still pictures or both, your professional photographer must accommodate your wishes. This is your day.

A more journalistic approach in photographing weddings has become more popular in recent years. To explain, the bride and groom are still the main focus, of course, but also, the members of the wedding party, as well as family and friends are captured candidly.

There may be moments where the bridesmaid is putting on lipstick just before the ceremony, or, your mom or dad is wiping off a tear of joy. Your ring bearer is tying his shoe, or your Uncle Joe is giving your Great Grandmother a hug.

So, in perspective, when your photographer captures your wedding day, he must capture the emotion. It will be very revealing and perhaps a surprise to you when your photographer captures the little events that you may not see, along with the people in your life who are there to support you and celebrate with you.

With the choices of photographs, photo albums and videos, your professional photographer should have no problem accommodating your wishes. He or she can, with the advances of technology, blend in with the crowd, now that smaller digital cameras are the norm. The bulky photo equipment and long cords are in the days of the past.

Keeping this very modern photo equipment in mind, consider having your still pictures and video incorporated into a DVD. This is a unique idea with many creative opportunities, such as incorporating with your favorite music. Perhaps have several copies made and distribute them to the wedding party, family and friends.

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