My Iraq Opinion - I Am Not A Soldier But I Have Played With Plastic Army Men?

Buddy Shearer

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I am not a soldier but I have played with plastic army men?

That is not to say there is any correlation between plastic army men and the war in Iraq. However, I feel there is a certain level of strategy that has been left out of the WHOLE equation.


I do not have actual numbers to prove anything BUT it seems to me based upon news reports that the majority of people that have been killed have been from car bombs, truck bombs and road side bombs.

I do have a few suggestions and HOPEFULLY someone from the JOINT CHEIFS will read this.

This is not about National Security so drop that argument right now. This is about saving lives.

  1. The Geneva Convention needs to be revisited. Period.

  2. The tactics employed today are not working. Start thinking outside of the box. Here is what will work. Stop all vehicle traffic. If people need to get around then walk. ANY object on the road should be shot first then ask questions later. Remember, these people need discipline across the board. If the transportation system is shut down then you in effect take the primary weapon out of the insurgent's arsenal. So what if they ignore that rule. If a non-military vehicle is seen. Blow it up. The Rules of engagement need to be changed. As it stands right now. The insurgents are controlling the game. And to them it is a game.

  3. Remove Congress from the picture totally. If this one thing is not done then this war will definitely turn into another Vietnam. Remember, Congress does do stupid things. I knew a combat soldier from Vietnam and it was surprising to hear when unauthorized bombings were made on the VC's temples it was interesting to hear secondary explosions. That means stuff was in those buildings that could do harm to our people.

Remember, we are at war. War is not fun but until Iraq is dealt a blow that causes them to start policing among themselves then the war will remain lost and continue on until we pull out in disgrace.

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