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The classical wedding, the white wedding, is a lovely thing. It’s got everything you could want in it: beauty, elegance, and a style. But there’s growing trend in weddings that have been going on for years. These are themed weddings.

Themed weddings are great for a numerous bunch of reasons:

- they express creativity

- they make weddings more memorable

- they give the guests a better look at the bride and groom’s interests

- they can provide a more party-feel to the wedding

What exactly are themed weddings? Throw out what may come to mind at first thought when you hear the word wedding. This isn’t about the simple white dress, the men in tuxedos, the perfect bouquet of roses and a nice, quaint church for the ceremony. Themed weddings focus on something different and more exciting. It’s like any themed party, only made for a wedding.

This article will look at a few of the more adventurous ones. To some they may be a little childish, but to hose that love having fun even as an adult then this might just be the way to go.

Medieval/Fantasy Theme

Do you picture your groom as your knight in shining armor? Or maybe your bride is the damsel in distress you’ve just rescued? Are you two ready to live happily ever after? This just might be the theme for you.

The medieval/fantasy theme is great for the people with a little adventure and ancient times in them. Not only does it allow for a fun and unique way to celebrate, it also provides beauty and elegance. It all depends on just how far you want to go with the theme and in what direction.

Decorations can range from shields to dragons to even castles. This isn’t about making a child’s playground, though. This is about adding little touches to the wedding to keep the theme alive and still having it be an important day for two adults. Of course, nothing is going to stop you from being as silly as you want to, so again it’s all about making the day special for the happy couple.

There are a ton of ways to easily incorporate it into a wedding. Clothing can be of a more ancient time and style. Music can be classical with beautiful medieval instruments. The reception can have more of a banquet feel. Even the cake doesn’t have to be a simple white one with flowers; maybe it’s dragons and fairies that guard the cake. Whatever little touches your heart can think of, make them a part of your special day.

Pirate Theme

Ahoy there, matey! Land life not your thing? Then try a pirate wedding. Did you ever dream of sailing the seas, exploring distant lands, finding treasure? Then this might just be the theme for you.

The pirate theme is great for the people that like to be different and show a more playful side to love. It definitely will be a memorable experience for your guests, and in a good way! Sharing your love for pirates, and/or sailing and the seas will really allow you to connect with your family and friends on the special day.

Location may be the most important part of this theme. Imagine being married on a boat, or even near a harbor or a lake. That will definitely be something unforgettable. Of course, if such things aren’t affordable or attainable, one can always create a marine feeling at any location.

And with the right decorations and clothing, the location won’t even be the focus. Anything from a few eye patches to pirate flags will set the mood. A few trinkets and bits of treasure around the place, some pirate and sailing clothes, a few pints of good ale and you have yourself the perfect pirate wedding.

Western Theme

Do you like the ruggedness of an old western movie? The adventure of exploring the unknown? The struggle of building anew? Then a western theme could be just what you are looking for.

The western theme is a great way of expressing a love for American Culture, of exploration, of… well, the west! There’s more to it than just loving the western genre. If the particular couple is from an area that might’ve had its routes by western exploration, than this can be a lovely way of showing how grateful they are of their past. It’s also a great way for family and friends to share this love or at least just enjoy it.

Location can be important to make these theme work. A nice little town has the quaint feeling of a western. Of course, if this isn’t possible, decorations provide the atmosphere just as well. A few lassos and rope, maybe a rented horse or two, a sheriff and deputy to watch over the wedding, a few barrels or even a covered wagon.

Attire can also be helpful in these theme. The groom could be the heroic sheriff or even the sly villain, the bride a dainty little settler that has fallen in love. Guests could be settlers, villains or even miners. The wedding party can dress so, too. It’s all up to your imagination.

While these are only three themes in a list of thousands, hopefully this article sparks a little more interest in curiosity about a themed wedding. Take a risk and have some fun. Playing it safe with a classical wedding can be nice, but if you’re the adventurous and creative type then you should seek something that is more appropriate for celebrating a happy day in your life.

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Jake Rose is an artist and an author from Massachusetts.


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